It is said that if you take care of the plant at bud stage then it blossoms flourishingly in future. Same is the case with a child, if you teach correct habit from early days of childhood than those habits help to nurture the future too. Parents do often complaint about argumentative kids, “attitude problem” of teenagers and their bad manners. But kids don’t just pick these bad habits on their own; they learn them from their elders, or nearby their houses.

A small kid is like unmolded clay which needs expertise in molding them. In teaching kids at early stages, play schools play a major role. That’s why you should go for a play school which is child centric. Rohini, an eminent locality in Delhi has various play schools but Toddlers’ International has come up with its unique concept in early schooling, adopting new methodologies and techniques. The school is totally child-centric-and provides many facilities to make learning an interesting experience for children.

Toddlers’ International is a play school which is located in Rohini. The locality is a prominent one in the region of West Delhi. It is an English medium co-ed school which caters to the educational needs of the little ones with the aim to develop them into better citizens of tomorrow.Understanding its social responsibility Toddlers' International has taken firm steps to fulfill it and work towards improvement of economically weaker sections/the underprivileged by encouraging their participation in various programs as well as through inculcating a sense of responsibility and spreading awareness among its students. This also helps them become responsible citizens (by understanding and imbibing the true spirit of humanity, which stems from understanding and respect for people from different classes and cultures.

Toddlers' International has been carefully planned and meticulously executed on 11,000 sq. ft. land, to provide the best facilities to students from the adjoining areas while keeping safety always as the prime concern of school. With its Intellectual Development Rooms which are Specially Designed for developing intellect, enhancing their logical, cognitive, conceptual, sensory and motor abilities a child’s personality grows in all directions.

To locate a child’s energy in the right direction regular exposure to diverse professions are facilitated by arranging visits by experts such as carpenters, artisans, artists, florists, paper-craft experts and so on. Children may take up these as a hobby at a later stage. In addition to this children can take up courses like dance: hip - hop, salsa, jazz, funk & bollywood, Music - guitar, Casio & vocal, personality development, English speaking etc. At Toddlers’ International School every child is seen as an individual and is also treated like a single entity for its proper growth. With this kind of environment your child will grow not just physically but mentally and socially also. At early stages of childhood, Toddlers’ International School will teach them about their social conscientiousness which will later on help them to grow as a responsible member of the society and a better citizen of the country.

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