There always seems to be a lot of propaganda that is distributed to the public that gun control will reduce crime. Unfortunately, if the guns are taken away from the public the only people that will possess the guns will be the criminals! There are a lot of examples to the contrary that gun control will reduce crime. It has been noted that 2.5 million crimes per year have been thwarted from citizens that bare arms.

A good example of this is the home invasion that was adverted in Tucson Arizona. A homeowner, alerted of an impending home invasion by his security cameras, arms himself and takes matters into his hands when four armed suspects attempt to break into his home. The bottom line is... the second amendment is Americas' original homeland security.

If we look at the states that have strict gun control we find it contradictory that gun control will reduce crime. In 1996 New Jersey passed one of the most stringent gun laws in the United States. It is interesting to note that within two years the New Jersey murder rate raised 46% and their robberies almost doubled.

In Washington DC a major gun control law was passed in 1976. The murder rate soared 134%. The law that was put into place was so stringent that it stopped people from owning guns in their homes. Hawaii in 1968 passed stringent gun laws, within 9 years their murder rate tripled to 7.2 people per 100,000. It is also known that New York City has very restrictive gun laws and close to 20% of all armed robberies happen in New York City. This is proof that criminals are not dumb; they will commit a crime in an area that they will have less of a possibility of harm of illegal use of weapons.

Private citizens kill 2,000 to 3,000 criminals per year in the United States. They also wound 9,000 - 17,000. The citizen that is motivated by protecting themselves, their family or property will be much more likely to shoot than a police officer. Not to mention that by the time the police arrive at your home after a 911 call they will be most likely taking a police report or chalking out the lines around the bodies. The bottom line is that we should have the right to defend ourselves and our property.

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