Don’t you have your favourite drink for the last few days? Do you wonder what to do for fixing the problem of your coffee machine? In order to get rid of this trouble, you should follow some of the useful tips.

  • It is mandatory to clean the filter basket of your coffee machine with hot water every day for keeping it clean. After that, you need to dry the filter gently with clean clothes.
  • If you find that the stop button light of touchpad flashing constantly, then you should assure that the water supply is turned on. It helps to maintain the water flow of the machine instead of stopping it. However, if you cannot fix it by your own, you can contact the technicians of commercial coffee machine repair in Liverpool.
  • Sometimes, the steam pressure of the machine is going down due to the lack of froth milk. If such problem arises, you are advised to check whether the boiler pressure has deviated at 1.0 bar or not.
  • If water is not coming out flawlessly, then you should need to cool off your machine at least for 15–20 minutes, so that vapor-locking issue can be fixed off. After that, it is better to fill the water reservoir with fresh and cold water. Once you fill the water, you require to turn on the brew button. If it works smoothly, then you can turn off the brew button.
  • If you observe that small amount of steam is coming out from your espresso machine, then at first you need to check the steam gauge instead of being worried. The steam gauge is required to lie between the range of 1 to 1.7 bars. Next, you should check the steam tip. If you find critical to examine all of the steps thoroughly, then it is recommended to consult commercial coffee machine repair in West Hoxton.
  • Sometimes it happens that your filter holder is hard to load. If the group basket damage, then the situation can arise. Hence, it is better to clean it daily.
  • In spite of this, if the waste pipe of the espresso is getting blocked, then coffee is leaking from the side of the machine. By arising such circumstance, you should clean the waste pipe and waste box with lukewarm water. You require to pass the hot water through the pipe until when the speed of the water flow is clear.
  • Sometimes, water leakage can be seen from the backside of the machine, and it can happen due to the overflow of the boiler. To deal with this problem, you need to turn off your machine immediately. For getting to know more details, contact the consultants of commercial coffee machine repair in Liverpool.

Final Words

Does not your espresso machine work properly? Better ask for the help from our specialized team members of commercial coffee machine repair in West Hoxton if you cannot fix it by your own, instead of thinking of machine replacement. It will work smoothly completely similar as before.

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