Most of the times, photographers face challenges when are going to click the snap of the reflective objects such as sunglasses, glasses, glass stoned jewellery, metals, watches and metals. However, if the better grip on the controlling of light, then they do not require to be worried about the consequences of reflections.   

Capturing Picture Of Colored Or Clear Glass

‘Back-lighting’ is one of the well known visually striking methods of clicking a picture of an object without glare. As a result, you can get a crystal clear appearance of the object along with a better view. However, if you become a pro, then you can take help from the experts of product photographer in Brisbane or can check our studio guidelines.  

Go Through Your Setup Of Camera

For creating the back-lighting mode in your camera, first, you should need to click the photo of the object comparatively in the decently sized shooting space. Then you need to check whether the positioning of your camera is behind the object or not. If your answer is yes, then it can be assured that the light can shine directly through the camera. Hence, you can successfully capture the outer line of the product, without reflecting the glares. If you get negative answer, then you should keep lowering the light of the camera, or you can elevate the target object with the help of a block. You can check our product videos in Brisbane for getting a better idea on how to capture a picture of a product without reflection. 

Diffusion Of Light

In the next stage, you require to diffuse or need to soft the source of light with the help of some rolled papers or you can take the help of some thin white papers. Now you need to put a white paper in such a way, that it can lie in between the product and the light of the camera. You can also use foam board under the products. The fundamental objective of using the foam board is to return the reflection on the product. Our experts also suggest to put a white paper on the upper part of the setup.

Setting The Camera

Next, you are advised to work on the lighting set up of the camera. For getting a better idea about the uses of strobe lighting to flash setting, and for enhancing your skills on product photography reflective surface, you can take tips from our photographers. Sometimes, we recommend to click pictures of the objects in manual mode if you find the setting of the camera complex.

Final Words

To click a good picture of an object without any glare, you should apply the 'back-lighting' mode apart from check the light settings of the camera. If you want to pictures like a pro, you should take a tutorial on shutter speed of the camera. Our experts are beneficial, and they are ready to give you the adequate tips so that you can capture a reflection-free image of your object.

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The author has shed the lights on the discussion of product photography reflective surface. If you are confident enough, then you can check the product videos in Brisbane for clearing your leftover confusions on clicking reflection-free photographs of the products.