Getting ready for Your German Vacation? Prior to planning a Germany trip, a Germany tourist visa is required that must be applied well in advance. Arrange the right documents in the first place following the Germany visa document requirement. That should notably be the first major step of your plan.

A Germany visa or short stay Schengen Visa allows you to stay in the country for a specific period of time, but you would not be eligible to work any paid job in Germany unless you apply for a work permit.

Commonly a tourist visa for Germany can be granted for a maximum span of 90 days. But in most cases Indian nationals traveling to Germany for tourism gets a visa specific to their travel plans unless they have a plan for longer stay which is explained in the visa application cover letter.

Germany Tourist Visa Document Requirement

Applicant’s documents

· Germany visa application form with signature and date

· Two photographs as per the specification [35 *45 mm, white background]

· Original Passport (valid at least six months)

· Bank statement for last 3 years

· Travel insurance policy covering your complete stay in Germany and the other Schengen countries,

· Leave approval letter from your employer

· Hotel reservation and airline reservation copy

· Tax statement

Inviter/ Sponsor’s documents

· Passport first, last and visa pages

· Resident permit card copy

· Formal Obligation letter

· Invitation letter

· Financial statements with sufficient balance if sponsoring

Be definite that you don’t miss out on any documents. Any missing documents can have a negative impact on your application. Review the documents thoroughly, fill up the visa application form correctly, write detailed cover letter and make sure to attach all your employment, financial and travel related documents. Not to forget, the travel insurance must be included along with your application. Schedule a Schengen visa appointment and submit your documents for Germany visa processing.

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