The facts surrounding the case of burglary presented against you will impact the severity of the penalties that you will face. But despite paying for the penalties against you, you will still be branded as a lawless person once the case turns out that you are guilty. Representation from a theft attorney is always the step that we all take. You must work with your attorney in making the facts become irrelevant so the charges against you will be dismissed and you can walk free. Reduction of the penalty would, however, be the order of business if the facts are known to work against you.

It is a requisite among people who are put behind bars to be informed of their rights to an attorney. If they don't have an attorney, they will let the state choose one for them. You must immediately look into getting legal representation for yourself as soon as you can after you have been faced with these charges for theft.

Now how does one get started in looking for a theft attorney? If you've drawn up a list of things to consider when looking for a theft attorney, his qualities should be the first on your list. Look for someone who knows the intricacies of the law because putting your trust in one who doesn't does not really bode well for your chances. An experienced lawyer who is known for his superior skills in representing his clients would be your best bet. You will even have better chances if the lawyer happens to be an affiliate or an associate of a larger law firm.

Being represented by a law firm would mean your legal representatives will have more resources or tools when it comes to working on your case. The team of attorneys, paralegals and researchers will be able to provide more quality work in drawing up your case, and you will have a better source material once they are done. Any information you impart about the case will have to remain between you and your client alone. On that note, transparency is a key element in determining whether the theft attorney will successfully get an acquittal for your case, or you get sentenced to prison.

If you don't have all the facts, and if it looks like there's a possibility that what little facts are brought out could be to your detriment, you should lay it all out in the open with your lawyer. It does not matter whether you are innocent of any wrongdoing or not; the facts have to be all there. If you lost because of facts that surfaced later during the case and you were supposed to supply it to your lawyer since the beginning, you cannot blame the lawyer for shoddy work. But if you choose a good theft attorney, you will have one who is skillful enough to get to the truth of the matter and discover even the most obscure facts.

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