Writing a music essay can be fun because every student today loves listening to music but when it comes to structuring the essay, student knows nowhere to go. An ideal way to structure music essays is to write it in the format of five paragraph essay.

As the name indicates, 5 paragraph essay is based on five paragraphs in which you have to encapsulate all the information about a particular type of music. There are three major portions of a five paragraph essay and they are:

1- Introduction

2- Body

3- Conclusion

Now, let’s discuss them on by one

Writing an introduction:

Introduction of a five paragraph essay can be quite difficult to write because you have to say it all in a short paragraph and that’s a challenge. You have to write every information that should be in a complete introduction package, you can also begin your introduction by using various attention grabbers such as; proverb, phrase, quote, amusing anecdote etc followed by a strong thesis statement. Using attention grabbers make the essay interesting to reader.

Writing the body of an essay:

The body of the music analysis essay would be divided into three paragraphs which will make a total of four paragraphs. Each of the paragraphs should be discussing a separate idea beginning with a topic sentence followed by the arguments. You can also provide relevant proofs and evidences to claim your arguments to be authentic and real. Furthermore, you should also check if the evidences you are using are not fake. You should also make sure that every paragraph is connected with each other, for this, you can also make a good use of transitional words and sentences.

Writing the conclusion of the essay:

You cannot finish your essay without a proper conclusion; the basic purpose of a conclusion is to wrap up the work in an effective way. One of the major functions of a conclusion is to reconnect with the thesis statement claiming that you were right in what you wrote in the introduction of music essay. A good conclusion will also mention all the important points discussed in the body of the essay on music.

Final tips:

1- You can write on a genre of your choice because if you don’t have the interest in that particular type of music then you won’t be able to write it effectively.

2- Apart from your personal interest, you also have to make sure that you have a sound knowledge of the genre of music you have selected to write music essays on.

3- If you want to make it easier for your then you can write on the history of the particular genre that you have selected.

That said; if you want to write a perfect music essay then you should write on the format of five paragraph essay and follow the above told guideline. Final tips are to first get the topic for music essay checked by your teacher so that he or she doesn’t reject it after the final essays on music writing.

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