Turn of the screw is one of the instant hits of its time written by Henry James, turn of the screw essay is commonly assigned to the students studying literature in order to develop their analytical and writing skills. The best thing about literary essays is that the essay questions revolves around the theme of the story creating a study boundary for them, but screw essay themes are relatively difficult from the rest, so we have decide to provide you some essay questions derived from the major themes of the novel.

Following are essay questions along with guideline on how to handle them:

1- Why the governess can’t find and accept the element of ambiguity in her life?

You must read the novel in the first place then carefully read the conversation between Mrs. Grose and governess which was about the ghosts. You must have noticed that Mrs. Grose made a statement about Miss Jessel and Peter Quint that their ghosts wander in the house. At first, there was no reaction of the governess about the claim and she wasn’t able to accept the ambiguous reality proposed by Mrs. Grose. The major theme has been told to you about the governess disagreement, now you will briefly describe the whole scenario about the ghost’s conversation in the screw essays.

2- Why the ghosts made the house haunted, what did they want from the family?

he answer of this question is much related to the emotions of the children and the ghosts, a much intimate relationship was developed between ghosts and children so you can give it a more interesting look by defining the emotions of the innocent children but at the end you will find out that the ghosts wanted to bring an evil spirit out of the children which was a dangerous signal.

3- How the writer successfully portrayed the superstitious believes of his time in
the novel, turn of the screw?

You must search about Henry James and the people of his time, define the legends and myths of his time then relate the story with that era and how the author successfully depicted the beliefs and myths of that time which is apparently not applicable in the modern era. The most common believe of that time was; dead people are always getting in contact with their loved ones. Taking this belief you can jot down the whole screw essay. Make sure you have read the book and understand it, otherwise you won’t be able even understand the screw essay question.

Therefore, first read the novel and understand what it is trying to say then sort out the themes it. The major themes will get you some idea of what kind of questions could come into the essay exams. You must understand the theme and its purpose develop some screw essay questions on your own and answer them. This is how; you would be able to reach at the nearest point of the expected question. Ask your teacher’s help if find any difficulty.

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