One of the trickiest part about helping my clients heal their bodies is trying to get them to see how the mind and the spirit are connected to the body. I find that one of the missing ingredients to healing is often not only changing your diet or choosing to exercise more; it is found in a forgiving heart.

Over the course of many, many years I have dealt with my own resistance to forgiveness, which ultimately left me with skin disorders and anxiety attacks. Once I incorporated forgiveness into my holistic healing plan of action, my health took a drastic turn for the better. Letting go of the past is a powerful healing tool!

If you're ready to stop reading here, then forgiveness is something you probably something you struggle with. But I'm here to help you stop the anger and frustration in its track so your body can begin to repair itself with a warm heart. Life takes an exciting turn when you release the energy that surrounds a harbored heart.

Imagine your body as a hot cup of peppermint tea with a splash of almond milk. You take a sip and the taste of the peppermint makes your taste buds sing. It awakens the taste buds and begins to appreciate other foods that follow. The peppermint tea is forgiveness and the almond milk is a way to help the journey go a little smoother.

So how do you authentically forgive someone even when the hurt seems so deep? One of the best ways to forgive someone (and in the comfort of your own home) is to be guided. A guided imagery meditation is a powerful healing tool that allows your heart to open. It helps you see things in a new perspective which ultimately changes the way you see the person and yourself. It is the almond milk in your peppermint tea latte.

Guided imagery helps to release the toxicity of resentment, fear, frustration, and more towards another person. I have been using this powerful exercise in my one-on-one clients and have found that healing with just detoxing alone isn't the sole solution, but rather connecting the mind, body, and spirit to come together in harmony.

If you suffer from forgiving someone in your past for something in who you feel has wronged you and that resentment and anger boil over when you think of this person, I'd like to invite you to do my guided meditation on forgiveness. Your life will take a magical turn once you release the negative energy you've held inside your spirit for yours. It will also help you look and feel younger. The best part about forgiveness is it frees up a lot of space in your body for bigger and better things to join your experience! Are you ready for bigger and better things?

Forgiveness at a Subconscious Level & The Missing Ingredient to Healing Guided Imagery is a powerful forgiveness tool that will help you forgive someone in your life that has been holding you back from healing your body or moving forward in your life path. True health and success stem from an aura that is free of toxicity. To receive your copy, please visit my holistic remedies shop.

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