The heart chakra is a very important center for emotional healing, feelings of love, compassion and forgiveness. Spiritually, these qualities are the only ones which can lead us out of the grips of our own egos and toward greater realization. Unfortunately, this energy center is wide open when we are children, and, therefore, extremely vulnerable.

All manor of disappointments, grief, and heartaches are a part of life. Our challenge is to maintain balance in each energy center despite these conditions. Most of us are never taught this, so, when something unpleasant comes our way, or when we suffer a big emotional loss, we often use it as a reason to clam up and become more protective of ourselves. When we do this, we also shut other people out, and we cut off our connection with deep, universal love.

On the other side of this, there is the possibility of being too open in this area, which cuts us off from intellect. Those who are too open become wounded very easily, are overly concerned with pleasing others, and possible empaths, who take on other people's emotions. As we all know, these qualities can lead to dangerous relationships, and they are rarely helpful to anyone.

This simple heart guided chakra meditationis aimed at balancing both a closed and overly open heart center. When this energy is aligned properly it makes us both compassionate and wise. This means we really can help others, because we are steady enough, ourselves, to be able to lift up those around us.

The Posture:

For this guided chakra meditation, kneel on the floor with the calves beneath the buttocks. Use the block or pillow to come in between your bum and your legs to avoid unnecessary strain. Pull your shoulder blades down and together. Rest your left hand on your upper thigh with the index finger touching the thumb. Bring your right hand to your heart center touching the index finger to the thumb and touching the place where they connect to the center of your chest.

The Meditation:

Start by bring your full attention to your breath. Deepen and slow your breathing, counting ten inhales, then switching and counting ten exhales for a total of twenty breaths. Allow your awareness to turn completely toward your body and whatever sensations you feel there. Slowly narrow your focus until your are completely zeroed in on your heart center.

Imagine, first, a pale green light, glowing, small, and deep in the chest. Slowly increase it in size. Notice it is somewhat dull or dingy, or perhaps it is barely flickering. Let it become steadier, bigger and brighter, as you enlarge it to fill your whole chest. This is the same whether your heart center is closed or too opened, because the goal, in both cases, is to cleanse and purify the chakra. The over giving heart chakra, which is self-sacrificing and eager to please, is overtaken by fear and ego, and must be purified before it can be balanced.

Let the green light become emerald and strong as it expands in your chest, and then slowly encompasses your whole body, and then fills the room. You can sing out the syllable “yam” if you feel comfortable, or chant it in your head. Yam, is pronounced “yom” and is the sacred seed syllable which corresponds with this energy center. You can even purchase CD's with the “YAM” chant and listen to it while meditating.

Once the entire room is full of green, heart center energy, you should feel a sense of healing, and compassion, or you may experience sorrow or the sudden desire to cry without knowing the reason. You may also feel the desire to stretch and open the hips and chest. If you do, go ahead and shift yourself to a seated, cross legged position and place one ankle on the opposite knee. Lay your arm across the top leg, pushing it toward the ground. Keep the spine straight and come slightly forward until you feel a nice, delicious stretch. Hold for a few minutes, release and then switch sides.

To open the chest, stay on your knees, clasp your hands behind your back and reach the knuckles to the floor as you do a mini backbend. Once you are done stretching, work on bringing the light back in, purified and bright and placing at the center of your chest. It should be emerald green, pure, steady and radiant. Make it into a ball of light about as large as your fist and leave it at the heart center. Slowly open your eyes and end the meditation.

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