This article explains how large and small organisation in Australia can adopt the international standard, ISO 45001 to follow precautionary practices and eliminate any health or safety risks for their workers.

ISO 45001 is the most recognised international standard for an occupational health and safety management system (OH&S). It provides a concrete framework to businesses irrespective of their size, type, or location, and aims to implement and improve an OH&S. This standard was devised with a risk-based approach, and provides a systematic way to integrate the OH&S into the core of the organisation. The benefit is prominent and evident. It will help to prevent accidents in the workplace and illness or effects on employee health, like stress or other workplace health risks. Therefore, standard implementation will cause the development of a positive and safe work culture, which will result in employee wellbeing and retain them in the long run.

However, implementing the international standard is not that simple, as it includes introducing a strict policy framework for safety practices and raising an organisation’s commitment to taking other appropriate measures.


The first step, of course, involves planning for OH&S implementation with the help of experienced health and safety consultants. Their assistance is needed to understand the context of the health and workplace risks to the employees in your business. They will simultaneously help to establish the OH&S policy and its objectives, and help your business know the measures that should be taken to fulfill the policy.


Next, the organisation needs to allow practices for implementing the OH&S management system. This will include identifying the potential hazards at every possible point of a process and mitigating these hazards. The implementation of the OH&S standard will only be effective if there is complete commitment from the senior managers. They need to actively take part in assessing the occupational health risks or safety issues prevailing in their workplace, monitor the safety performance consistently, and call for any needed improvements to strengthen the OH&S management system.

Workers’ Participation

Apart from the safety and precautionary practices under the OH&S policy, the organisation should also simultaneously promote employee participation or cooperation in the implementation of the ISO standard. Employees should be well aware of the risks in their workplace, and work together to eliminate them by effectively implementing controls or practices. This will also simultaneously result in establishing a safety culture, minimizing risks, and adopting best practices that will also ensure more productivity.

Review and Monitoring

The success in implementing the OH&S management system can be ensured when the organisation monitors and ensures that the health and safety practices are being followed. A review of the OH&S practices will help management find any shortcomings or nonconformances with the ISO 45001 standard.

Internal and External Auditing

The last step in any ISO certification implementation process is internal and external auditing. Both forms of audits are needed to ensure ISO 45001 standard implementation, as they prove the OH&S management system is effectively integrated into the organisation. Audits are needed to identify the major gaps prevailing in the safety approach or practices of the organisation, risks in the processes, and determine how the OH&S management system can be improved to mend the gaps.

In Conclusion

A lot of emphasis is put on employee safety and health management with ISO 45001 standard, which leads to a number of positive impacts. This includes enhancement in the organisation’s reputation for its commitment to employee wellness. A reputation like this will lead to increased staff retention and motivation, which brings improved productivity. The implementation of the OH&S standard will also have a positive impact on customers as they can fulfill their social commitments by being associated with a company that gives ensures employee wellbeing.

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