The type of shoes you wear can make you feel a certain way. If you wear something that exudes confidence, then you will walk with confidence. It is always helpful to know what kind of shoes are suitable for certain occasions. If you wish to know as well, then continue to read and find out everything you need to know about men's leather shoe types. Here discussing various types for your guidance;


The oxfords have a rich history behind them. They were created by university students who were bored with traditional boots; thus, they created an ankle boot with a laced side slit. As time went by, these boots turned into shoes, and the lace was shifted to the top of the shoes. However, an oxford shoe is known as an oxford because of the leather panels that contain the eyelets that are switched under the vamp.
Oxford shoes usually feature a plain cap toe. When it is polished to give a deep shine, it gives the appearance of the smartest shoe out of all the formal shoes available on the market. Oxfords are also featured as whole cut, cap toe, and with a wingtip style.
When styling these shoes, wear them with a suit or some formal pants. If you ever have any doubts about what to wear to a party, then oxfords are your safest bet.

The Derby's

The Derby's are similar to oxfords, but the difference between the two is how the lace is fastened. Derby's have an eyelet facing stitched to the top of the vamp; this gives the lacing an open aspect and a less neat slit.
Though Derby does not have a smart look like oxfords, they do still have several advantages. For example, if you have wide feet or if your feet tend to swell up in a hot room, then Derby's provide you with a great range of adjustment.
Derby's can be worn with a suit, but they are mostly worn for casual events. If you wish to feel relaxed in your office attire, then try investing in some derby shoes. Derby shoes are available in plain toe, cap toe, and wing toe styles.

The Loafer's

Loafers are considered to be the only slip-on shoes that can be considered formal wear as well. Different styles of loafers such as penny, horsebit, tasseled, and kiltie loafer can easily be worn with your suit. However, this type of shoe style is tricky to get right.
Loafers are a slim and low profile pair of shoes. They look great with loose cut pants. This pair of shoes is the best choice to make during the summers, and if your feet are prone to swelling, then this is your best choice.

Black Tie

Black tie shoes are also known as pinched bow pumps. They look great with tuxedos as they are meant to be worn for formal wear. The look they give off from its shiny and smooth leather is unbeatable. It is available in different styles, such as black oxfords (in polished calf leather), oxfords (patient leather), opera pump, and ribbon pump.

Dress Boots

Dress boots are short boots made from leather and are mostly worn by men. Dress shoes have an alternative style, which makes the boot cover the ankle and is often worn during bad weather or when participating in outdoor activities.
The upper of dress boots are usually softer as they are made of canvas or suede. The shoe has a good reputation for its fit, so this makes it expensive. The use of buff for the upper of these shoes are rare nowadays. They sometimes have a cap toe, which is more for informal use. The shoe also features other styles such as Chelsea, chukka, and wingtip

Monk Shoes

Monk shoes were mainly worn by medieval monks, but in today's day and age, monk shoes are considered as formal shoes. They have had a change in style over the years and now feature a single or double buckle rather than laces. They might still be a daring choice to make in terms of formal wear, but as long as you know how to style them, then there is no harm in wearing them.
For monk shoes, a Black, oxblood, and deep brown leather is a good choice in terms of office wear. These shoes are so versatile that they can even be worn as casual wear with denim and moleskin pants.
You can find monk shoes with a single strap, double strap, and even triple strap. The amount of straps you prefer depends on you and your choice of shoes.

Brogue Shoes

Brogue shoes are a combination of both Oxfords and Derby's. Broguing refers to the decorative holes that some formal shoes have. When these shows were originally made, these perforations were there to allow water to drain out of them. But nowadays, perforation is there because they look nice.

However, it is important to know that not all brogues are the same. There are several choices for brogues, such as a quarter brogue, semi-brogues, and full brogues (also called wingtips). This may be confusing, but don't worry, the easiest way to know what brogue you are looking for is by looking at the perforations. The more number of perforations, the less formal the shoes will be.
Quarter brogues only have holes over the edge of the cap toe. Semi brogues have some decorations on the edge of the panels. Full brogues (wingtips) are more flamboyant and have a swept-back toe cap that makes the shoe look like a "W."


All the information given to you above must have now given you an idea of what to look for when purchasing men's shoes.
Always pick your shoe style wisely as it can really affect your overall style. Remember to always keep an open mind about the things you wear and try to venture out of your comfort zone to try every pair of shoes to find out which one suits you the best. Here you can visit Letheriza Handmade Shoes to get one perfect pair for you. Do visit and see what they have in catalogs!

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