When you leave the station you immediately taste the atmosphere of the city. Amsterdam has become busy over the years; many tourists know where to find the metropolis. And that's certainly right, you should absolutely not skip this city if you are visiting Europe as a tourist. Still, it surprises me that a large part of the tourists only go to Amsterdam for 1 day and actually only pay a lightning visit. I think Amsterdam is a city where you shouldn't look at the clock and let yourself be surprised by the atmospheric streets, cozy terraces and nice sights. Any experienced tour guide like triggertours.com can helps you to explore Amsterdam properly.


Traveling to the North of Amsterdam

To get to THIS IS HOLLAND from Central Station, you have to cross "t IJ. We therefore arrived enthusiastically at the ferries, but we did not know how to pay on the ferry. After some time we found out through information boards that the ferries are FREE to use. What a top service from the municipality of Amsterdam. It is definitely recommended to go to the other side, because in addition to THIS IS HOLLAND, you can also have a drink here or visit the EYE Filmmuseum.

The canals and bikes

We continue our visit to Amsterdam and head towards Museumplein. Since we had already walked some stretches, we decided to take the tram, which was a nice experience. The tram ride in itself is fun, immediately a great moment to capture some nice shots. Of course it is quite busy in the tram, but that is also part of it. We leave the Prinsengracht and continue on foot to the museum square.

Always nice to walk along the canals, after all we are in Amsterdam. Those in Amsterdam should not forget the Rijksmuseum, this imposing building with beautiful Dutch artworks inside is a real must see. The museum square is also a place where you can walk around and enjoy the city and the people.


During our visit to Amsterdam, we notice that 1 day in Amsterdam is actually far too short. You still want to do and see so much and perhaps when the sun is shining, grab a terrace and enjoy this beautiful city. We therefore recommend booking an overnight stay. Hotels in Amsterdam are, as you may well know, on the expensive side. But if you book on time and don't have too many requirements, it can still be done. I myself once stayed at Hotel Piet Hein, a great hotel with a good location. I can definitely recommend this hotel.

It was a wonderful day! We still find Amsterdam very pleasant and like to come there. But on a next visit we will see if we can stay longer, so that we can enjoy Amsterdam even more.

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I am Douglas Brooks, a traveler and writer