With plenty of options to choose from the market for the floorings, selecting the right kind is always going to give that particular place an essence of aesthetic upliftment. It is, therefore, the necessity to stick to the basics when it comes to the timber flooring. No doubt, hardwood flooring is going to add a visual essence to the place only when it is selected aptly.

With the companies offering different kinds of flooring options, it has made the path for selection easier. One can choose the design, type and texture that would suit their place the best.

Factors to Consider While Selecting the Timber Flooring

The following are the considerations that need to be kept in mind during the selection of the timber type:

  • Elegance
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Durability
  • Ease of Cleaning

Choosing the Right Type of Timber Flooring

timber flooring

The companies that are into the manufacturing and supply of the timber have understood the requirements and questions raised by the people about timber flooring. This is one of the reasons why one can find the range of flooring in Wollongong. The following are some of the varieties from which one can select for their place:

Blackbutt Flooring

The name is derived from the appearance of the tree that has undergone a bushfire. This option has a wide variation in terms of colour - available in pale brown to golden yellow. At times, a slight pinkish appearance adds great beauty to the place where it is installed.

The smooth texture and the straight grain make this timber appealing and an excellent option for the interiors. It is a durable and robust hardwood finding its utility at many places. One can opt for this as one of the best options for the floors of halls and rooms.

Rosegum and Flooded Gum Flooring

Rosegum and flooded gum timber are derived from the fast-growing, large hardwoods. Having versatile properties - ease in turning and carving - have made these timbers one of the most beautiful ones. People who are looking for the wood to be laid for their living room or exterior space can try this timber flooring as this seems exceptionally good. With varied colour options - red-brown and pale one can choose the best one for their area.

Ironbark Flooring

It is considered as the high-quality timber for the flooring in Wollongong. Being durable, strong, hard and resistant to any infestation; it can be used for the entire house ground decoration. Available in dark brown and black colours, this variant sets as the perfect option for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the house. The grains and the streak present in the texture make it more beautiful and add to the luxury.

Aussie Reds Flooring

This variant of the timber has paved the way for uniquely decorating the floors of the house. The properties and the appearance have the potential to entice the building decor and design. One can use it for laying in the kitchen, living room, and rooms.


The person, who wants to get the floor revamped or constructed, gets the numerous options to choose from. Each of the variants tells a different story and needs to be selected accordingly.

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The author owns a timber company and deals with the varieties of timber flooring options in Wollongong. The author also has published several articles that tell how the perfect selection of the flooring is going to augment the home's beauty.