A home theater projector will bring the theater experience to your house. You will no longer have to buy movie tickets and can watch your favorite movies any time you want. The only problem with buying a projector for home use is getting the right one. There are just too many to choose from! Do not worry though; this guide will help you make the right choice.

With so many projector manufacturers claiming that theirs is the best, choosing one can be overwhelming.

To make the decision making easier, consider the following considerations when choosing.

Desired resolution

This will determine how clear the image on the screen will be. The higher the resolution the clearer and image will be and the lesser the pixel structure will be visible. You will be able to see more details in an image so long as the details were captured in the movie you are watching.

The resolutions you can find range from 1280 by 720 to the newest and clearest 4k resolution. The latter is the best quality but is very costly. For a high quality image for a little less the HD (1080 by 720 resolution) projector is a good choice. This is actually more realistic because most movie makers are yet to start shooting their movies in 4K or ultra-HD.


The ideal brightness to look for in the projector you buy will depend on the room in which the projector will be used. Dark rooms require only a little brightness whereas rooms with more ambient light will need brighter projectors for the images to be clearly visible. Also, projecting on a wall requires more brightness than projecting on a screen. If you would like to get a large screen then the brightness needs to be high as well.

On a projector, you will find the light output given in lumens. The more the lumen rating a projector has, the brighter the image it will give.


Simply put, contrast is the difference between the brightest and the darkest part of an image. It is very important for a home theater projector to have good contrast since this has a direct impact on how much you will enjoy what you are watching.

When purchasing look for a projector with a high contrast ratio.


When looking for the projector, consider not only the initial buying price but also the cost of maintenance.

The cost ranges from below $1000 to over $4000 and the choice is absolutely yours depending on your budget. Generally, the costlier the projector is, the more capable it is and the longer it will last. However, this is not always true. You can actually find some great cheap projectors that are feature-laden and sturdy. Be sure to compare prices before buying.

As for the maintenance cost, consider how much the replacement lamps of the projector you buy will cost.

The lamps need to be replaced often in order to maintain the brightness of the image you get. The cost of a screen that will work with the projector to give high quality picture is also an important consideration.

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