There are tons of villagers in New Horizons, how many villager personalities are there in ACNH? And how to upgrade the friendship level? Here is a guide to Animal Crossing New Horizons villager personality and friendship.

Guide to Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Personality and Friendship

ACNH villagers can be boiled down into one of eight different personality types. Male villagers can be Cranky, Lazy, Jock, or Smug, while female villagers can be Normal, Peppy, Snooty, or Sisterly, also known as Uchi. Each personality type has a set catalog of ACNH DIYs they can give you if you walk into them. To maximize your options, make sure you have one of every personality type, and snoop around three times a day, the morning, the afternoon, and night. That way, you'll get three different DIYs every day. Getting the reactions is a bit more of a grind than you'd think. Beyond the first four reactions, all other reactions can only be taught by one of the eight villager personality types.

For each personality type, there's a reaction that can only be learned once you've attained a high level of friendship with that type of villager. There's a lot to that friendship metric, too. All the villagers start at level one, and each new level comes with a new benchmark action. For instance, at level four, you can change a villager's catchphrase. At level five, they can gift you a photo of themselves. At the highest level, level six, they can trade furniture with you. You can increase your friendship with villagers by talking to them every day, agreeing to sell them an item, catching their fleas, and giving them gifts. Different gifts result in different amounts of points, with furniture being worth the most. Wrapping a gift and/or giving something worth over 10,000 Animal Crossing bells results in an additional point, too.

Another pro tip is giving a villager clothing, which always gets you one point, but if you want the full two points, make sure to give them something they'd really like. For example, give the Jocks like your boy Flip, a soccer uniform. There are also ways to lower your friendship level, so beware! If you gift villager garbage, push them, or hit them with your net, they'll become upset and your score will actively dip a couple of points. We've all got that one villager we want to move out. There's a common theory that ignoring a villager is the best way to make them move, but that's actually not the case. You get a point for talking to your villager every day, but points don't get subtracted for not talking to them. Basically, avoiding them is a neutral move. While a villager with a low friendship score is a little more likely to move out, the hard truth is that it's pretty random. High friendship only makes it slightly less likely that a villager will ask to leave. My best, best boy Flip has asked to move out twice. Both times, the answer was no. There are a few other factors at play. A villager can't move if they've had their birthday within seven days, if their house is being moved, if they were the last villager to pop the moving question, or if they were the last one to move in. And no, talking to Isabelle has literally zero effect on whether your villager will move out. If you use an Amiibo card to invite a villager, you'll be able to manually choose who they replace. However, if you invite someone from your campsite, the villager the camper replaces is selected randomly. If you don't like the pick, all you can do is immediately shut down the game before it saves and tries again and again. Between Amiibo, Mystery Islands, and campsites, villager turnover has hit a new level in New Horizons. A whole vibrant community has popped up that's centered around trading villagers to get exactly who they want. Everyone's trying to trade bells and Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets to fill their island with dreamies, and their personal dream villagers.

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