By the term web what we normally think of is a website, which is nicely made with attractive colors, beautiful images, videos, and information. Websites are essential as they reflect your business. This changing technology has made the world dominated by the web. This evolution of websites came in the '90s by Tim Berners-Lee. In the next coming years, you will see a major change in technology, which we can’t even think of today.

What is Website Redesign?

A website redesign is a process where you restore your website, which means updating up of your content, new form of layouts, and of course, how can we forget navigation. This is all done mainly with the purpose of having better conversion and website performance.

I know, you must be thinking as to how you can redesign your website. It is a tedious process that is why redesigning should be done with an understanding, clear vision as well as problems to be solved. It is always better to have a clear picture at the beginning because that would result in having a more successful process and a very smooth process.

Website Redesign Purpose

Before we begin with the process of website designing, first let’s have a better fundamental understanding as to what is the purpose of the redesign. Following are the steps that one should evaluate before we jump to redesigning:

  • Website objectives:
  • Stating the website objectives is to describe the set of website redesign project plans, targets, and measures for the process of redesigning, and what all metrics you require to accomplish your goals and objectives.

  • Effect Website Audit:
  • It is essential to have an audit for all your internal means and potential of your website. Such as, a SWOT analysis helps in analyzing the success and efficiency of your website. Performing an industry analysis helps in deciding the trends and practices.

  • Recognize the gaps:
  • Form a website infrastructure, which must comprise people, processes, and technology to recognize the gaps; such as you should check different essentials of the web pages.

  • Plan a road map:
  • Categories all the steps and technologies that are required for closing all the gaps. . For example, you can A/B test elements causing problems and secure them in the new wireframe design.

    Web designing is characterized in 2 types of methods:

  • Responsive Design:
  • Responsive design is the design where the movement of the content is dynamic, which works on the basis of screen size. It can show problems in a few sections; so designers should keep in mind how they can organize and manage work.

  • Adaptive Design:
  • Adaptive design is a design where the website content is all fixed and the size of the layout should be equal to each and every common screen size. Resulting in having an added advantage of full control for a finished product.
    Normally, a web designer works on the appearance, layouts, and content of websites. There are two forms of templates in web designing which provide specifications for their customers:
    Ready-made template- This template is most commonly being used by the companies who are at the initial stages as these forms of companies or businesses have low budgets. With these templates, the user can handle this kind of design part on their own. Choices can be made on their own; that is why content, images, videos, etc are managed by themselves.

    Custom design template- This is the most commonly used by organizations that took on a very large scale. In this custom website development, the designing part is done by the expert team or particularly by the web designers; where choices are made by the customer’s business. This form of template is time-consuming and the cost is also very high for creating a website. As the layout design, content, videos, etc are all done by the web designers.

    Now, that you know why websites are redesigned for a purpose, let us get into the process of doing it.

  • A Great Content
  • A trend of content is highly changing and keeps on sprouting new things. The website redesigning strategies we use to work wonders in the good old days are now growing in each passing year.
    Content can comprise different forms such as articles, videos, graphics, etc that attract a customer base. Also, blogs, white papers, and with the help of written assets, with the help of outstanding marketing strategies would comprise many types of media, e.g. videos, infographics, and podcasts.

  • Watch out for live trends
  • Having full knowledge as to what all is trending is a key to optimize; this is the only reason why the retailers keep an eye on their market and competition. Many possible solutions give full justice to track competitors and the content, which is onto the trend.
    Watch out for the latest trending buzz that creates more traffic; then you can perform deeper analyses to get better insights to help you with formulating strategies, categorize target audience, etc. Crafting messages and selecting offers that could be managed based on insights.

  • SEO Powers
  • You might know about search engine optimization (SEO), this is to optimize your site the way you would like to optimize any website with the main motive of website redesigning strategies to create leads. The process of the sales cycle starts with a trouble-free search. You should make a check to show up on the very first page of search results to show up the sales cycle.

  • Navigation
  • Navigation makes use of site architecture, menus, and other forms of tools on a web page; keeping in mind the consideration as to how users normally browse and search. The main aim of a website is to help the user and get the information which they are finding.


    The success of your business is in the hands of the web design that you have created. Website redesigning is all about reaching or attracting customers for your business or organization in a new way possible. In this virtual world, trends keep on changing and so do your website should. If you have a bigger establishment with resources in abundance, you can redesign it at least once a year.

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    Hello, I am John Phil, working as a technical content writer at JanBask for the last 10 years. My work is mainly focused on web development services, digital marketing, information technology, custom mobile application development services, and other IT-related solutions.