Amazon Prime Music is a one-of-a-kind service that keeps you entertained throughout the day, no matter where you are. So, it’s astonishing that not everyone is aware of this hidden treasure of a way to listen to millions of songs.

If you already have a basic subscription, you will have access to over free two million songs. You can enjoy a further 50 million songs if you pay an extra $7.99 monthly for Prime Music Unlimited. Regardless of what plan you choose to subscribe to, you will still have a library full of tunes.

You can make a list of preferred songs and also download tunes to enjoy offline when you don’t feel like streaming (for instance, when you are busy at work and need something to get you going, when you’re on an airplane, or even when you’re doing some garden work).

For the record, if you’re one of the few people who doesn’t have an Amazon Prime Music subscription but does have an Amazon Echo, you can listen to free streaming music through Alexa, albeit with commercials. There are numerous advantages to using Amazon Prime Music, and all you have to do is activate it on any of your preferred smart devices.
How To Activate Amazon Prime Music?

Signing up for Amazon Prime Music, which offers unlimited music, is a prudent decision that is well worth the money. This platform provides the necessary good benefits by energizing the aura, uplifting the spirit, and so on. However, before you can start playing your liked music, you must first complete the following tasks.

1. Regardless of the smart device you’re using, go to the content store and hit the search glass.
2. Type Amazon Prime Music into the search bar and pick anyone from the suggestion made automatically
3. Hit the “download” command and install the Amazon Prime Music app. Upon installation, the app will show on the home screen.
4. Launch the Amazon Prime Music app from the home screen, sign up for an account, and generate an activation code to complete the process.
5. Use the URL to input the generated activation code.
6. Input the correct activation code and hit the “Enter” command
7. Afford some moment to allow the page to load up
8. The next page shows you have completed the signing-up process.
9. Enjoy your liked tunes.

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