90% of students in the CS executive fail the exam. But, when we talk about another side of the coin, 10% of the students pass too. Being a Company secretary student, you all are studying very hard to achieve success. Now, it is your choice to be in that crowd of 90% or to come out with flying colors and be in that 10%. But what is the key to success? Hard Studies? Well, everyone is doing that. No, the key to success is Smart studies. You as a student must keep in mind that smart studies need to be aligned with hard studies and optimum plan of revisions for CS executive modules.

It’s nearly 70 days left for your next attempt at the CS Executive exam, and it is high time when you start revising the syllabus with a proper smart strategy and hard work. In these 70 days, you can revise almost eight times. Yes, you read it right.

In this blog, we will discuss the same and will tell you in detail how you can revise almost eight times before your next CS Executive Exams. We will discuss those ingredients that will lead you to a proper plan for revision, and if you follow it properly, we guarantee you will be a part of that 10% of students who will pass the upcoming CS executive exam 2021.

So, let’s discuss those elements that will help you in doing the best revision for the upcoming CS Executive Exam:

1. Self-Studies: The most important element that CS Executive students need to focus upon when the exams are near. See, no matter how good your teacher is and how much you are following them in terms of studies, in the end, you have to do self-studies. Self-studies are not just important in recalling what you have studied in past months but also boost your confidence before the exam. You feel prepared, and that is what makes you write better in the examination.

2. Revision Course: Well, in the entire CS Executive journey, you have gone through a vast course that too either from a module or from the books or lectures you have purchased from Book My Lecture or any other digital platform. But, when the exams are 70 days away, it is hard for you to study all those 100+ hours of lectures or books again. The best option you have is to join Revision batches or a course known as the Super 30 revision series offered by Book My Lectures. It is a power pack series where CS Executive Students can brush-up the entire course in the easiest and precise way possible. Here is a link to Super 30 revision calendar: https://bit.ly/3vMUJjD

3. Test Series: Once you are done with the revision series, you will be confident enough to test yourself. See, evaluating your preparations before the exams is significantly very important, and this will give you a different level of traction and confidence while writing in the CS Executive exam paper. We are committed towards preparing our CS Executive students in the best way. That is why Book My lectures have come out with a very famous BRAHMASTRA test series through which CS Executive students can test them and evaluate their preparation. Before the exams, this test series is highly recommended as it will give you a crystal clear idea about how much you are ready for the upcoming examination.

Here is a link to BRAHMASTRA schedule calendar: https://bit.ly/2NLAIbW

4. Self-Short Notes: As we discussed above, one of the crucial elements is a self-study, which you will be continuously doing until the exam date. It is highly recommended to keep on creating self-short notes according to your way. You do not have to go through entire lectures as it will not be possible to do it at the last moment before the exam. Those short notes will prove as a boon for you to go through the concepts at that time when your paper will be 15 hours away from you.

5. Marathon Series: When your CS Executive Exams will be a few days away, it becomes significantly essential to go through the entire syllabus and its revision. How can it be strategically possible to cover up the entire vast CS executive syllabus in a few days? So, here comes the marathon series. Yes, you read it right. Book My Lectures’ marathon series is the one-stop solution for covering the entire syllabus before the examination. Our subject-specific faculties’ will take a live marathon series and cover the entire syllabus of that specific subject in one day. For example, CS Tushar Pahade Sir is a professor of Company Law. They will cover up the entire Company Law syllabus in the best precise way in a one-day power pack session before the exam. Isn’t it amazing? The marathon series is designed so that it is more like a smart study than a hard one.

Dear students, time is essential for everyone, and all of you; it is most important to use every second of it in learning and clearing the concepts so that you can come out with flying colors and get yourself to make part of that 10% of students who achieve success in the CS executive exam attempt. Mark our words that if you follow this strategy for the upcoming 70 days, nobody can stop you from clearing CS Executive in this attempt.

It’s all in your hand to plan out and execute. We at Book My Lectures always stand by your side and provide end-to-end assistance along with CS Online Coaching so that you can achieve what you have aimed for.

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