When you are scheduling your Costa Blanca holidays take some time and look up the Jalon Valley on the internet. This little area of Spain will hold a big surprise for you. If you have been on a Costa Blanca holidays before you probably went to one of the more popular tourist destinations. In the Jalon Valley you will notice that there is a distinct lack of high rise buildings as a matter of fact when you drive along toward the Jalon Valley on your Costa Blanca holidays you will feel like you are entering another world even though it is only a 90 minute drive north of Alicante. The countryside changes from brown to lush green consisting of orange, almond and lemon groves. A visit to the Jalon Valley on your Costa Blanca holidays will present you with the opportunity to experience the real Spain that most people only dream about, not concrete towers and mass tourism.

Let’s say that you have booked your Costa Blanca holidays and the Jalon Valley is included. One of the most important aspects of this area is the Gorgos River that runs through it as it offer some of the most breath taking views anywhere around. As you travel along on your Costa Blanca holidays you may just change your plans and decide to stay a little longer. The villages of Lliber, Alcalalik, Parcent and Gata de Gorgos may just draw you in and not allow you to leave, for it is here that you will find that each village has its own unique specialist produce taken from the local countryside. Some of the products are wine from the local vineyards, baskets from the reeds and homey from the orange blossoms. When you are exploring this area on your Costa Blanca holidays you will be able to sample the true Spain including culture, cuisine and tradition, all this just waiting for you to enjoy.

When you are scheduling your Costa Blanca holidays it would probably be propitious on your part to schedule the start of your holiday in the Jalon Valley. It is here in the northern Costa Blanca you find that the true Spanish way is actually present in everyday life. This extends to siestas, local customs and culture. All of this has been in practice for many decades and will for many more to come. So start your Costa Blanca Holidays here as you might just decide to spend more time.

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