Living in this new age generation, one has help provided in all prospects of life. Then why leave behind skincare?

Skincare has entered the era of beauty tools and we must tell you, there is no going back! Beauty tools have made their way into everyone’s skincare routine and not because of just their benefits to the skin and health but also the way they look!

Beauty tools have a whole new appearance and one cannot stop themselves from falling for them.

You might want to amp your skincare knowledge because not many of us are aware of the fact of how important facial massages are to our face.

Facial massage is the most powerful way of working on your skin as it is one way of sculpting your skin and sending a targeted message to areas like the jaw or temples.

Have you heard about the facial rollers taking over the market?

Facial rollers, most commonly known as jade rollers or Rose quartz rollers, are very simple to use in your skincare routine and are known for helping boost blood circulation, improve skin texture, reduce puffiness and improve lymphatic drainage.

Let’s dig in deep to know more about facial rollers and how they benefit our skin. Mostly touted as an “anti-ageing” tool, facial rollers can have many other benefits to your skin and health such as:

1. Decreases puffiness around the eyes.
2. Drains the lymphatic nodes in the skin.
3. Improves blood circulation.
4. Soothes the skin.
5. Calms down the redness and inflammation.
5. Helps tone the facial muscles.

Some of our recommended facial rollers:

1. Dromen & Co Jade, Spike Roller

Jade Is a natural stone with ornamental minerals. It symbolises beauty and grace. Our spike jade roller is designed for intensive massage therapy for the face and body. It’s well-congested lymph nodes, acupuncture points, collagen production glands, sinusitis point and clogged nerves.

2. Dromen & Co Amethyst, Facial Roller

Amethyst is a natural precious stone linked to the crown chakra. The stone is also known as the stone of “Peace, Wisdom, and Protection”.Our double-sided Amethyst Facial Roller attracts positive energy while ridding your body of any negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear, and depression.

3. Dromen & Co Rose Quartz, Facial Roller

Rose quartz is a natural stone packed full of ornamental minerals and oxygen. It is commonly referred to as “The healer of the heart”. Our facial roller has a beautiful pink crystal which has a powerful energy that resonates the heart chakra.

4. RAS Luxury Oils Jade Facial Roller

This facial roller is an ancient beauty & wellness tool designed to gently massage your face to stimulate the circulation encouraging lymphatic drainage and minimize puffiness. The Jade crystal gives a deeply relaxing effect and aids in bringing calmness giving you healthy-looking skin!

5. RAS Luxury Oils Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose Quartz face roller is an ancient beauty & wellness tool designed to gently massage your face to stimulate the lymphatic drainage beneath the skin layers, increase micro-circulation &reduce puffiness. The Rose quartz crystal gives a cool and relaxing effect and it is the stone of universal love, It helps promote self – love and gives you a healthy glowing skin.

6. Cher Amour Premium Facial Roller, Jade Roller

Jade and Rose Quartz stone is considered a symbol of beauty, grace and longevity has long been revered in the east for centuries. Natural jade and rose quartz skin roller can help improve blood circulation, skin tone and reduce puffiness, wrinkles, black eye, eliminates toxins.

7. Cher Amour Premium Facial Roller, Natural Rose Quartz

Cher Amour rollers are made of 100% real & natural jade stones, which are sourced from Brazil. Not the worthless stones, glass or synthetic stone with strong acid corrosion.

Gua Sha is another beauty tool creating hype around its name in the skincare industry.

Why not find out how good it can be for our skin and our body too?

Some of the benefits of using Gua Sha are:

1. Deeply relaxes you from the nervous state.
2. Prevents and fades light expression lines.
3. Clears the channel of blockages.
4. Prevents signs of ageing such as dullness, fine lines and wrinkles.
5. Keeps your skin plump and smooth.
6. Aids in product penetration.
7. Helps in skin hydration.

Our recommended Gua Sha:

Dromen & Co Rose Quartz, Gua Sha Stone

Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool is used as a natural therapy to massage your face and body. Rose Quartz is commonly known as the “Healer of the heart” and one of the great beautifying crystal. Rose Quartz can help ease tension and stress in the body. It reduces soreness, knots, fatigue from your body and increases flexibility while detoxifying the skin. It can also be used for sagging skin, scars and wrinkles.

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