I am what most people call the typical farm girl. I grew up in a ranch with my family and have loved farming since I was a kid. Every day I would wake up to the sounds of chickens cackling and as I open the windows, I breathe fresh air and enjoy the sunlight. For so many years I enjoyed my farm life and I learned so much about how to run our ranch. I looked forward to helping out in the field and as I grew up, I was doing management tasks, too. Years of experience made me prepare for the day that my parents finally turned over full management of the ranch to me. As I was the eldest, I was given this huge responsibility. My siblings were glad to help me in the many activities as our ranch developed.
From time to time, investors would visit our ranch and give proposals on upgrades and ownership. The whole family was not open to this idea as we wanted things to stay ‘old fashioned’. We didn’t want to spend on fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides that were unnecessary. We knew that these would only contaminate the soil and therefore, our produce.
There were times when I had second thoughts on the offers of investors, but my principles outweighed their offers. We wanted to keep on providing quality organic produce that are the best kinds of food for our customers. We ate healthy food and that is what we wanted everyone to have.
Because of our quality products, we had to expand and we needed new tractors, trucks and other equipment. I had more than enough cash to pay for new equipment but I decided to get a truck and tractor loan instead. I was hesitant at first but as I read through the internet about this type of loan, I found that it was an effective way to get cash for operating expenses.
I eventually found a bad credit loan company that can give me the best deal on a truck and tractor loan. I filled out the online application form in just a few minutes and submitted it. To my surprise, my application got approved in just a few hours. The following day, the money was deposited to my account. So I went to the equipment store to purchase everything that I needed. Thanks to truck and tractor loans, I was able to give the down payment for the equipment.
The best thing about getting truck and tractor loans is that I was able to use the equipment even if they were not yet fully paid. With the profits generated from expanding, I was easily able to pay for the monthly loan payments.
So for those who own a farm just like me, I would advise them to:
 Produce quality products so you won’t lose customers
 Stick to your principles and refuse upgrades if they aren’t necessary
 Be open to expansion to serve a larger market
 Be practical in financing your equipment and go for truck and tractor loans
 Manage your monthly loan payments so you won’t have any debt problems

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