Hydroponics is a substitute method of growing plants. It is done by using mineral nutrients, mixed in water without soil. There are mineral nutrients present in the soil and roots are not properly able to absorb them. When this mineral nutrient are introduced to the plant water soil no longer remains the plants most important material to survive. When a plan is given everything that it is required to grow then the plant will be healthy. With Hydroponics the task becomes easier. As this process is faster, better, so the world of commercial food products have this this process for their production.

There are much type of basic hydroponic systems like;

 Wick system
 Water culture
 Flood and drain
 Drip system recovery
 Nutrient firm technique
 Aeroponic
And these hydroponic systems can be described too:
• Wick system- this system is a passive system that means it does not have any moving parts. This system has a variety of growing medium like;
 Perlite
 Vermiculite
 Pro mix
 Coconut fibre

• Water culture- it is known as the simplest among all active hydroponic system. This is known as one of the most popular and simplest procedure which is most popular among teachers and students. Very cheap systems which can be made out of the house hold stuffs.

• Flood and drain- it is a versatile growing system that can be used along with variety of growing mediums. But this also consists of disadvantages and the main disadvantage is that it is a type of system that need lots of time. It not only consumes time but also absorbs lots of energy and apace and electricity.

• N.F.T- in this process there is a continuous flow of hydroponics with constant flow of nutrients. So this system does not need any pumps. No growing medium is usually used except air. This system is much more proved to be a failure as most time pump failure takes place. They roots have the chances of drying out rapidly if by chance the flow of nutrient is stopped.

• Aeroponic- it is the highest technique type. Here the roots are totally exposed to the air. So most probably it has the chances of drying if the cycle of the nutrient flow gets stopped.

It has become so popular in the market that its demand is growing at a high speed. The basic reason behind this is that if you give the plat what is required then it’s very obvious that it will become more popular. This liquid enables the plant to take food and nutrients at a very less effort. If two genetically similar plants are kept for experiment and they are feed using the same soil only one with hydroponics, immediately the result will be seen.

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