With medicinal cannabis legal in many places more and more people are choosing to grow cannabis at home. Even if that right hasn’t been granted to you yet new technology has made growing cannabis so discreet that you don’t have to worry about getting caught. What I’m talking about here is a stealth grow which is made possible by a new wave of LED grow light technology advances.

Why You Should Grow at Home

Growing cannabis isn’t rocket science, if you tend to its basic needs it will produce quality bud at a cost of about $3 per gram when you factor in water, electricity costs and cost of equipment and supplies. If that didn’t sell you what about the fact that growing your own cannabis ensures that pesticides or chemical fertilizers aren’t used, yuck!
Home growers can easily build a discreet grow area in their basements using a closet an old piece of furniture or an easy to setup grow tent. You can make a stealth grow box out of an old dresser, cabinet or even an old computer tower. To power your grow you’ll need a high quality consumer grade led grow light to ensure your plants receive full spectrum wavelengths of light. More wavelengths equate to deeper light penetration into the plant and canopy. The other reasons I recommend using LED and not HID lights are:

• Easier temperature management with LEDs: they run much cooler than HID
• Lower Electricity Use which saves money and reduces your grow foot print

I know your thinking how the hell do I get a cannabis plant to start with? Well that’s not a problem because there are reputable seed banks online such as cropkingseeds.com or seedsman.com that sell just about any strain you can imagine and ship them to you safely in the mail, it really is that easy.

Don’t Have a Green Thumb?

As someone who once considered themselves to have a “black thumb” I’ve sure come a long way just by doing a little research and reading. All the information is available for free online, just do a google search and you’ll find more information then you could ever need. It all comes down to a balance of light, soil, water and nutrients. If you can manage to provide your plants with the right combination of those ingredients it will reward you with fantastic quality cannabis.

Important Things to Remember

When growing cannabis legally or illegally you should always keep your grow to yourself. People like to talk about their friend that grows pot and next thing you know it gets around to the wrong person and then your grow goes missing.

When growing cannabis indoors make sure you purchase a charcoal filtration system to prevent your stealth grow from having a tell-tale give away, smell.

After the initial stealth grow setup is complete tending to your plants requires only a few minutes per day. But let me warn you, be diligent on your daily plant checks even when it isn’t watering day. The secret to successful cannabis growing is catching problems early.

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