Stevia rebaudiana is majorly known for its sweet leaf. The Stevia today is majorly used as a natural sweetener. Stevia extracts have stronger impact than the normal sugar. The availability of the herb varies from regions to regions, in some places it has been used over the decades and some it is not as easily accessible as others.

Well Stevia can be best grown, but few intricacies are to be thought over well. Many find the plant hard to germinate, so instead of the seeds one should start with small start up plants. While starting up make sure that Stevia rebaudiana is what one has made its start, for many varieties are available and all don’t grow with same intensity and equally.

Stevia plant requires rich loamy soil and is always planted in full sun. Incorporating the organic material would prepare better quality oil. The moist soil is indeed required but the requirement is that the plant should have better drainage. The garden bed should follow the space of 10-12 inches between the plants in a row. The light shower of water is healthy for the plants, which can be done frequently. Take care to not set water in plants. If in case it is really hot and sunny then small mulch can be placed around the plant to restrict the moisture loss. In case the summers are not much hot, then hot caps can be added. Any type of drained loam soil which aids in good crops of vegetable will suffice the required Stevia plant growth.

Remove the blooms regularly to provide better growth to the plant. More bushy the growth is better the plant is. The plant grows to a height of 30 inches and in width it stretches to 18- 24 inches. The plant can be grown outside or in a container too will suffice.

Focussing on the consumption of the plant, it can in take raw or cooked. Few prefer it dry. The leaves can be soaked in water and the water can be used in baking and other recipes. The Stevia extract can be used for flavouring the dishes and other recipes. The Stevia is used as a sugar substitute, the leaves are highly efficacious.

There are varieties of natural sweetener in the market. The artificial sweeteners can be well grown. If one is really fascinated with gardening, then the Stevia plant gardening can be a real pleasure to enjoy with.

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