Let me share with you how fixing some “unseen limits” in your thinking can easily help you grow your business beyond the 6, 7, and 8 figure levels. If you are willing to take the time to remove some of these unseen limits and blocks that you have, your client attraction, retention, sales and opportunities will go WAY up.

Come out of hiding and increase your visibility. Have you been hiding behind the strategy of playing small? Obviously, the more people who know about you, the more business you will have. Maybe you have a fear of spending money to invest in yourself and your business? Your lack of self confidence is holding you back from spending the right money in the right places - many of which could help you grow your business exponentially. Invest in yourself, increase your visibility and play a bigger game.

Stop settling and understand the value you offer. Do you find yourself being vague about the value you offer? Do you get anxious around making a sale, or find it hard to even start the process to closing a sale? Are you lowering expectations in yourself and settling for charging less than you're worth, hoping you will get prospects excited to work with you? Stop lowering the bar on yourself. Have confidence in the value you offer and start charging what you're worth. You will build more business.

Educate your clients on the long-term benefits of working with you. Your clients use your services only once or twice and don’t come back. You keep chasing new business instead of continuing to work with existing clients. You are uncomfortable setting clear expectations so progress and results are vague. You don’t have the self-assurance to educate existing clients on how to make the most of the benefits they get from working with you. Educate and empower your clients to build long-term, loyal relationships with them.

Doing a great job and being passionate about your work is important. However, that alone is just not enough! Consider removing your unseen limits and blocks and watch your business go through roof! And who knows, you may be the one offering the eight figure coaching one day.

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