Creative email marketing and content is going to help you initiate and grow customer relationships to the point where you see more conversions and repeat business. Before you deal with the details of your email marketing campaign, remember that your emails need a responsive design so that they may be read on mobile devices as well as desktop devices.

Unique and eye-catching ads

You have a tricky dilemma to consider when you opt for unique and eye-catching ads. What works on a cereal box may not work on your emails. What you have to consider is what your brand stands for. If your brand represents innovation, creativity and something new, then eye-catching and unique is the way to go. If your brand stands for traditional values, long-standing beliefs, and institutional ideals, then unique and eye-catching will alienate your target audience. For example, an accountancy firm with a unique, bright and loud email advert will probably fail miserably.

Content is king

Consider the message you want to get across, and then consider how your target audience will interpret it. Do not worry yourself too much about how you are going to get the message across at first. For example, if somebody receives an email from a funeral parlour, there is a good chance they will interpret it in a darker light than if they receive an email from the local toyshop. Now craft your content around your consumer’s initial interpretation and view. For example, if you run a funeral parlour, you may start with advice about when to use the services and how to save money before you give them your pitch for cheaper funeral services. If you run a toy store, you may like to start with your products, and then explain why they are fun and educational.

Design thinking and customer journey

You are trying to take the email recipient from a “No” to a “Yes.” That is the journey your customer is going to take, and you need to design your email with that in mind. You cannot afford to simply hit the recipient with a message. You need to take the recipient on a journey and make them engage with that journey so that they reach the conclusion you want them to.

Infographics may help you

Visual content may be better than text. This is especially true if your emails are hitting the junk folder. There is a chance they will be given very little attention, so you need to create visual content that draws the reader in. Keeping their attention for just a second or two can mean the difference between a clicked link or a deleted email. The good thing about infographics is that people are seemingly immune to their marketing powers, but are not yet sick of them to the point where they ignore them. The fact that even disinterested people will skim read an infographic means you have a great opening and opportunity. If you can capture the attention of the reader within the top third of the infographic, there is a far better chance they will engage with your content than if you had used text only. There is always a chance that people will engage with cleverly written text, but getting them to engage with a well-crafted infographic is easier.

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Vanessa Tutzke is specialized in marketing strategies and industry developments. She works for Couporando GmbH writes about the latest technologies and e-commerce trends.