There is no denying the fact that lead nurturing s important to every business’ sales funnel. Only a small percentage of the leads you capture are likely to be ‘sales-ready’, if not nurtured properly. So, nurturing prospects for improving business end results is a crucial process. Therefore, you must devise and apply a strong and efficient lead nurturing strategy to achieve your goal.

Lead nurturing best practices

  • Using Email messages
  • When you are sending out emails to the prospects make sure that your email contains something of value and of interest to them. Otherwise why would they waste their time reading your email content? For example, if you are into managed IT services, your first nurturing email might focus on ‘top five reasons for outsourcing IT services’. Dish out something new and engaging and the prospects will be more than eager to receive your emails. The mail should ideally contain one central topic and include only one predominant call to action. It s important that you remain focused on the subject or else you will run the risk of putting your audience off with irrelevant and boring content. Try to speak directly to the problem your lead is trying to solve. This way you can get them to go through your mail and understand your proposition.

    Like every other facet of Inbound Marketing, lead nurturing programs can be evaluated based on certain parameters. You should regularly track three main metrics- Open Rate (the percentage of people that open your email), Click-Through Rate (the percentage of people who clicked a link in your email) and Unsubscribe Rate to understand the efficiency of your email campaigns.

  • Telemarketing campaign
  • Employ specially-trained inside sales reps or a telemarketing service vendor that specializes in B2B lead nurturing. You don’t expect them to try close deals in these calls because your prospects likely aren’t ready to make a purchase yet. These calls are meant to offer additional education resources that will help move the prospects through the sales funnel for conversion. Also, you can use these conversations to gather additional qualifying information, such as a possible time-frame for a purchase decision, or particulars about company size and business needs.

  • Assessing the quality of leads
  • It is important to judge whether leads in your marketing database are good enough to be passed along to the sales team. This way you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Implementing a lead scoring system can be helpful in finding the sales ready prospects. Consult with the sales team to set the criteria for scoring the leads. You also need to track all the leads; a weekly call with the sales manager will do the job.


    Lead nurturing ought to be the priority of every company. With inbound marketing proving to be extremely effectual in delivering pre-qualified leads to sales teams, lead nurturing has become the main focus. But not all lead nurturing approaches are efficient. So it is essential critical to establish and follow a system of lead nurturing best practices.

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