Group Medical Insurance is one of the benefits of employment at most companies. It is consider a great advantage because of so many reasons. The first benefit is that the premiums for group insurance are always a lot lesser than single insurance coverage. It is explained by the fact that when insurance companies receive many new members in the group, they come down on their rates. It is just the same as buying something in bulk. Meaning that when you go to the market and you are buying in bulk you always buy at cheaper rate. This same principle is used by insurance companies when selling group contracts.
The second benefit of group medical insurance is that these policies do not require you to have physical before being accepted. In many instances, even the pre-existing clause is waived. In a company workers are automatically into the plan if they are working full time and have also passed the probation period. Some other companies put their waiting period to be three months when you start working, before putting you on the plan.
Companies always have a period during the course of the year that is meant for Open Enrollment. This period is for those of your family members who were not in this plan but now wants to joint the plan, there are added to the policy during this period. It works the same for those who want to quit the policy that is the direct opposite. Therefore those who have decided to be part of this plan will have to live with this decision till the next open enrollment. But this decision only has an exception for marriage and divorce. Changes like these can be done throughout the year.
Now our day’s small business owners can also offer group insurance. That not withstanding the rates may not really be quite as good as those from larger companies would get, but employees can still get insurance. But there needs to be at least two people, and no more than fifty, to qualify for small business group insurance.
Again, we are meant to understand that today, more than ever, insurance companies are working harder to offer affordable health insurance to as many people as possible. Some people even say that insurance is a "necessary evil", but being covered with the right insurance is a good thing. Knowing that families have access to the best Medicare care, without a huge financial strain, is something you can't afford to be without.
Furthermore most of the policies of low cost group health insurance involve the participation of an HMO or health maintenance organization or other major medical associations, such as the Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Most of these policies do not restrict the insurers to go to particular physicians or specialists, except for the HMO policies, which often restrict the patients to consult doctors on their panel. Low cost group health insurance policies cover emergency as well as routine medical procedures. The medical treatments also include eye and dental care, though the coverage for these may be limited to specific procedures. Some of the companies provide their employees with an annual health check-up, at private hospitals. This includes blood tests, blood pressure and height and weight check-up. Group health insurance may not necessarily cover the health care of the employee’s spouse or dependents.

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