It is not uncommon to hear people say that they feel ungrounded and while this may be a term that is more commonly used amongst people who are into self development, it is something that anyone can experience. It therefore won’t matter if they are into self development or not, as they can still have the same experience.

The words people use may be different and this is likely to reflection of what they have been exposed to. One person may use the word ‘ungrounded’ to describe how they feel and another may just say that they ‘don’t feel right’ or normal.

And one of the most common occurrences of being ungrounded is feeling anxious. Through not being in one’s body, ones attention is likely to be in their head. It might even feel as though their attention is just above their head and that they have completely left their body.

It is then not going to be possible for one to feel safe and secure, as they are likely to end up feeling unsafe and insecure. The body is where one is meant to live and not in their head or just above it; so it is not going to be a pleasurable experience.

Two Experiences

For some people, feeling ungrounded is going to be something they experience on the odd occasion. And there are going to be other people who have become accustomed to feeling ungrounded. It is then not something that happens on the odd occasions, it is a way of life.

When one only experiences this at certain moments, they are going to have moments of being grounded. Through having this contrast, one will be easier for one to recognise when they are ungrounded.

However, if one is used to feeling ungrounded, it might be hard for them to remember what it is like to be grounded. Through being this way for so long, one might have come to believe it is normal.


There is then the chance that it feels normal through being this way for so long and there is also the chance that one has never felt any different. It is then not going to be possible for one to feel like a whole human being.

And when one is out of touch with their body, it is going to be a challenge for one to relax and to just be. What they will be familiar with is the need to do things and they could be hyper aware.


At its most extreme, one might not even feel human. When one is in their body, it will be possible for them to feel, but this won’t be possible if they are living in their head. One could then feel burdened by life and wonder how other people could possibly enjoy it.


In the modern day world, people often spend less time in nature and more time sat in front of a computer. And this is one reason why feeling ungrounded is so common today. Being in nature allows one to feel connected to the earth and to immerse themselves in what is real.

There is no need for them to do anything when they are there; they can just be and feel at one with nature. Their attention doesn’t need to just be in their head, it can include their whole being. However, when one is using a computer, it is very different.

Their point of focus is going to be their head and their body can end up being ignored. They have then changed from a human being and into a human doing. But once one has used a computer, they should soon settle down. That is if they spend some time away from their computer and in nature for instance.

Another factor

But while technology has played a part in why people feel more ungrounded in the modern day world, there is also another reason. Human beings are interdependent, they need each other and yet, they have become more isolated as time has gone by.

It could be said that technology has caused people to feel more disconnected from each other, and it could also be said that technology has allowed people to feel less disconnected. It is all a matter of perspective.

But if that argument is put to one side, it is clear that a computer cannot replace human touch. This is something that humans don’t just want from others, it is something they need.

Human Touch

But while this is something that human beings need, it is not something that is always fulfilled. If one doesn’t experience human touch on the rare occasion it is unlikely to have much of an impact, but if one experiences very little, if any, human touch, it is going to have a big impact.

And when this happens, not only can it cause one to feel ungrounded, it is also going to have an impact of their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

However, even though one has the need to experience human touch, it doesn’t mean that they are able to embrace it. Certain life experiences could have caused them to fear it.


These experiences would have caused one to form different associations around human contact. But even though avoiding human touch can be what feels comfortable at a deeper level, it is not healthy.

One is then is then experiencing inner conflict and this conflict will have to be put to an end. If it is not put to an end, one will continue to avoid human touch and be ungrounded, amongst other things, as a result.


So it will be important for one to form new associations when it comes to human contact. And this may mean that one needs to process their past and to let go of the emotional baggage that they carry.

Experiencing some kind of body work will also help; this will gradually open one up to human touch. Through experiencing human touch, one will not only become aware of their need to experience, it, they will also feel more comfortable with it.

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