What do you do when all of a sudden your heart is pierced through with pain? The one you thought you would grow old with is suddenly lying lifeless in your bed. Or the hopes of a child fulfilling their divine call - your legacy - but instead their life is snuffed out like a candle wick. What do you do when the pain is so much to bear and your body shakes uncontrollably with the anguish of your soul. Where do you go? Who do you turn too? So many unanswered questions. Why God Why? Why did you take my friend? Why did you let the cold, clammy hands of death steal my precious one from my grasp?

God will you ever answer me? Do you even understand? I am so angry with you. You could have warned me? You could have asked my permission before you let them leave me here alone in this world of little compassion? I am standing in the midst of a crowded room and no one can even sense my pain. Do you even care God?

In the midst of the confusion, in the midst of the noise, comes the still quiet whisper of God’s voice. So gently He speaks, “Yes, my child I understand”. I too lost my only Son. I allowed Him to leave all of this heavenly splendor and grandeur to enter into a filthy world of deception, lies, manipulation, and deceit, so I could save you. My one and only Son, I gave to the world, so that I could have many more sons and daughters. I gave you me, in the person of my son Jesus Christ.

He endured the suffering and shame. He was mocked and beaten and spat upon. And yes, he felt the same pain that you feel - the same pains that you felt. He came for this. He was destined for this, so that I could have you. He carried every grief and sorrow upon His shoulders so that I could show you my compassion and love for you my child. You are not alone.

I will pick you up in my arms and comfort you with my love. I will shower you with the kisses of my lips, my child. Love me, as I love you. Trust me, and know that I always will make decisions with your best interest in mind. I love you. I don’t want you to hurt. This too shall pass. Tell my people that I am coming soon. Tell my people that I love them. Tell my people that I care and I want to save them from themselves. Will you tell my people?

Don’t be angry with me? The answers will come and you will see my sovereignty even in the midst of your sorrows and pains. Let me love you to life. Experience my love like never before. Will you receive Me? Will you receive my son Jesus Christ?

Life is like a vapor. Here today and gone tomorrow. Will you fulfill your destiny in Jesus Christ or will you waste your life with frivolous things? In the grand scheme of eternity all that matters is where you will be when you take your last breath. When you open your eyes, will you be in the presence of the Lord or will you spend eternity in the tormenting, grasp of Satan in hell? Don’t harden your heart! Hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and let Him lead and guide you into all truth.

Author's Bio: 

Natasha N. Mackey, wife of Apostle Steven V. Mackey, has worked in the ministry for over 15 years. She has worked in various capacities across denominational lines. Her life’s mission is to unify the Body of Christ and see the saints of God equipped, trained and brought to maturity in the faith.

She is an anointed, powerful woman of God. Natasha N. Mackey flows in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. When she lays hands on the sick, they recover. As she preaches, teaches and flows in prophetic worship, people are healed and delivered. She ministers both nationally and internationally and is an emerging speaker, author and singer/songwriter.

Natasha N. Mackey
Author, Walking in Kingdom Authority