In this age of widespread broadband take up and wireless connectivity, keeping touch with friends and relatives has never been easier. Sometimes, however, this very ease can dull the impact of the communications themselves. After all, if you receive hundreds of text messages and tweets every day then each individual instance can’t help but be swamped in the rush. Greeting cards, on the other hand, are different.

When people think of Christmas photo gifts, they usually tend to imagine items such as fridge magnets and key rings which have been fashioned using favourite snaps of children or pets. Whilst small, simple items such as these are undoubtedly popular, they are far from being the whole story of what can be done using your favourite digital photographs, and the story doesn’t end, or even begin, with personalised Christmas gifts. This is still the key time of the year when most people are likely to avail themselves of the opportunity of sending greeting cards to let other people know just how much they mean to them. As previously stated, a card which has been chosen, written, posted and drops through the letterbox onto the doormat is bound to have an impact which is meaningful and emotional in a way which electronic messaging will always struggle to meet.

After all, just think of the expression ‘I’m crossing you off my Christmas card list’ which, although it may be flippant, does successfully capture the way in which this gesture truly represents a measure of the people who genuinely matter the most to us. Often, we’ll send cards to people we haven’t spoken to for the rest of the year, taking this special opportunity to let them know that they haven’t been forgotten and we’re still thinking of them. A quick stroll around any Christmas shop on the high street will reveal the vast range of cards which are available, but often these mass produced efforts lack the personal touch which comes from making a card yourself. Of course, in the past, personalised gift ideas such as this had a limited application since only a small number of people had the requisite skills and wherewithal to produce the personalised gift in question.

Whilst most of us now recognise and appreciate the way in which digital technology has allowed us to turn our images into things such as photo books, what many people might not know is that it’s not just the gifts, but the greeting cards themselves which can be fashioned in the most personal manner possible. Simply upload the image which you wish to turn into a card, whether it’s a touching family portrait, an amusing shot of Dad falling over in the snow or a more abstract image along the lines of icicles forming on a holly bush, and then use the software available to add text and any greeting you wish to share. The finished card will be printed to the highest possible standard as many times as you like and will come complete with envelopes for posting it in. Just imagine the thrill that anyone would feel upon picking it up, opening it, and knowing that it’s been made especially by you and with them especially in mind.

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Whether you want to give photo books to a couple of special people, or send greeting cards to everyone in your address book, you can use digital photography to bring that personal touch to bear on the way you spread happiness and good cheer.