Orchids are so popular simply because they are one of the most beautiful ornaments one can have for his garden. However, these types of plants are notoriously known for being quite difficult to cultivate. Although a lot of gardeners are successful in growing orchids in open air gardens, greenhouse gardening has become a viable alternative for those who may not be as gifted in terms of having a green thumb.

One of the main reasons why it is such a challenge to grow orchids is because of the fact that most of their species require varying growing conditions. A lot of gardeners make use of greenhouses because it gives them the ability to stabilize and adjust said growing conditions such as temperature and moisture. This guarantees that the orchids are able to grow and flourish to their fullest.

Below are some tips on how to optimize one’s greenhouse for growing orchids.

Say No to Toxic Paints

For one reason or another, folks often go out and paint their greenhouses. May it be for aesthetic purposes or otherwise, some gardeners also choose to paint the interior of the greenhouses. There’s nothing wrong with adding some color in the greenhouse but what’s important is to stay away from toxic paints.

The problem with toxic paints is that they have been known for releasing harmful gasses when they are exposed to a particular level of heat. Although the effects may not be apparent at first, these gasses will surely cause some sort of damage on the orchid plants in the long run. Before buying the paint, it is essential to check the label or ask the store clerk if the paint is toxic-free. Failing to do so may be the difference between a flourishing garden and lifeless orchids.

Sufficient Sunlight

A general rule in gardening is that plants should have sufficient exposure to natural sunlight in order to grow. This is especially true for the sensitive nature of orchid plants. This is why greenhouses should be constructed in such a way that the plants inside will be exposed to a sufficient amount of sunlight. Aside from making sure that the orchids are able to attain optimum growth, this is also a good way to save on heating and lighting costs.

However, too much exposure may also be damaging for orchid plants. It is a good idea to add a few tall wooden plants in the greenhouse for them to provide some shade. Not only will they help control the amount of sun exposure, but the variety they provide will also give the greenhouse some diversity.

Proper Ventilation

Another essential aspect of an effective orchid greenhouse is proper ventilation. Much like exposure to sunlight, ventilation too is crucial for the growth and development of the orchid plants. Especially for large glass greenhouses, it is necessary to install a vent to ensure the proper flow of air in and around the greenhouse. It is also a good idea to cover the air vents with mesh screens to prevent insects or birds from entering the greenhouse.

By following these simple greenhouse gardening tips and techniques, the chances of growing beautiful orchid plants are increased dramatically.

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