The most amazing goody from China and Japan to the mankind is the green tea. Green tea is becoming growingly favorite of the world owing to its nutritious contents. Nevertheless if we observe carefully in the subject of green tea, we can observe that there are different sorts of green tea and the nutritious properties imparted by each of them change. As observed by the scientific trials the matcha green tea powder has the greatest amount of nutritious contents.

Matcha is a sort of minced green tea brought into use chiefly in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. This elegant ritual has a great impact of Zen Buddhism. Matcha green tea also possesses the most delicious aroma and so nowadays it is also used for adding taste to many delicacies, e.g. cakes, biscuits, ice creams, cookies, and so on. Due to addition of matcha tea these foods obtain an attractive green color as well.

Matcha is produced by cropping the tea plant in shadow hence in less amount of sun. Because of this chlorophyll gathers in the plant offering it a distinctive syrupiness as well as flavor. Same way the quantity of antioxidants as well as amino acids also increases in these bushes. In these bushes the top growing leaves are chosen for producing matcha green tea. Such leaves are more tender and also suppler than fully matured ones. So also they possess most of the nutrients. These leaves are kept stretched flat for drying, following which they collapse a bit. Stems and veins are separated from them and they are ground with stone to produce finely crushed matcha of bright green color. 60 minutes are necessary to pound 30 grams of matcha. This sort of leaves are termed as tencha. Owing to the maximum proportion of amino acids in this type of leaves, matcha tea health benefits are the highest of all the green teas.

Matcha is made basically in 2 fashions, viz. thick as well as thin. Thick tea is called koicha whereas thin tea is termed as usucha. Distint sieves are utilized for filtering matcha. A wooden spatula is used to shove the tea powder through the mesh of the sieve.

Owing to its wonderful nutritious properties matcha is not simply drunk as tea but also mixed with a number of health foods. These include cereal and energy bars too. According to clinical trials proportion of antioxidants termed as Epigallocatechin gallate in matcha is 137 times more than that in all other sorts of green teas. Matcha green tea is renowned for speeding up metabolism and thereby reduces cholesterol and prevents weight gain.

The matcha tea health benefits are because when this tea is consumed it is not the watery essence we drink but we consume entire leaf. This is the reason why matcha is more advantageous than all other kinds of green teas. Owing to the consumption of whole leaves, the strength of catechins, chlorophyll and antioxidants is the greatest in matcha green tea. Matcha even consists of more antioxidants than wolfberries, orange juice, spinach, blueberries and pomegranate. It has even been learned in researches that due to the theanine in Japanese green teas, mental tension is lessened a lot.

The best characterisitic of matcha green tea is it can be enjoyed by putting in your most preferred foods e.g. noodles, cakes such as manju, monaka and castella, and can even be mixed with milk along with sugar. It can be brought into use in both sweet and savory dishes and taken the pleasure thoroughly with its tremendous health-giving properties.

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