Kratom is an evergreen tree from the coffee family. It grows naturally in Southeast Asian countries and with so many strains available, green Malay benefits are well known throughout the world. In its country of origin, Green Malay Kratom is popular for its natural benefits, such as improved mood and instant pain relief. It is also distinguished with its strong effects and high potency, hence nicknamed as ‘Super Green Malay.’ This strain has the upper hand over other well-respected strains because it’s more affordable and delivers long lasting effects. But what makes green Malay so special? Let’s find out.

Green Malay Kratom leaves

Green Malay Kratom is commonly known as ‘ketum’ in Malaysia. Its leaves are oval in shape and well distinguished with their dark green tone. The leaves act just like mu-opioids and thus proven to provide mild to chronic pain relief such as back and muscle pain, migraine, and osteoporosis. With an abundance of naturally occurring alkaloid known as Mitragynine in the leaves, green Malay acts as an antioxidant and improves your body’s strength and immunity to battle-damaged cells.

With this and other reasons, Green Malay Kratom is becoming increasingly popular as an effective natural supplement for individuals suffering from cancer, and users report positive results during chemotherapy. The alkaloids found in green Malay are essential in enhancing mood, improving health, and keeping hormonal balance.

Green Malay benefits

Over the years, green Malay has received an enormous following among Kratom enthusiasts due to its high potency and ability to improve one’s health and wellbeing. The following are some of the most celebrated Green Malay Kratom benefits.

1. Pain relief

Pain is the most severe health issue affecting many people across the world, especially the aged. According to health experts, older people are more prone to pain since their bones are not strong enough to withstand daily operations such as movement. Pain affects the quality of one’s life. When in pain, one of the available options that come in mind is to take over the counter medicines. However, these medicines may have severe side effects and can do more harm than good to your body.

Luckily, green Malay is believed to be a great natural pain reliever with no side effects. It works by blocking opiate receptors, and therefore, pain signals are not transmitted to your brain. In addition to suppressing pain, this strain reverses its effects and after consumption, you’ll feel its effects almost immediately and start carrying on your daily operations with ease and comfort. It can effectively deal with pain from certain medical conditions, injuries, surgery-related pain, as well as the trauma that comes after surgery.

2. Boosts cognitive functions

Green Malay Kratom has a positive effect on the performance of human brains. When consumed, it helps the blood to flow more efficiently to the brain cells, which in turn enhances nutrients supply to keep the brains refreshed. Having a well-fed and refreshed mind is a great way to boost your learning, focus level, thinking ability, and decision making. This explains why green Malay is a favorite strain among students and other professionals who want to increase the performance of their brains.

3. Treats osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is a bone disease that makes them brittle and easy to break or crack. According to health experts, osteoporosis is caused by a decrease in bone density and minerals, resulting in the development of small holes that weaken the bones. Green Malay has the power to restore the strength of your bones and cure osteoporosis, but it will require some efforts from you to be effective. Taking this strain alters the chemical and hormonal structure, as well as the body composition, and promotes the filling up of the holes in the bones. If you take green Malay Kratom and supplement it with some calcium, preferably from medications, supplements, or milk, your bones will start becoming stronger within a short period.

4. Boosts physical performance

Green Kratom strains are popular for their ability to boost energy levels, and the green Malay is no exception. It improves digestion and as the food is broken down easily and quickly, the body gets more fuel that helps you to handle different physical activities at ease. Physical performance is also associated with healthy eating habits and physical lifestyle, and green Malay Kratom can help your body kick up to another level. When your body feels better, you become more focused and alert, which leads to more productivity.

5. Fights depression and anxiety
Green Malay Kratom has calming effects that can be helpful to people struggling with depression and anxiety. It’s believed to trigger hormones and other chemicals in the brain responsible for mood and brain functions. Therefore, a few minutes after consumption, it sweeps away your feelings of nervousness or anxiety, boosts your confidence, and helps you become more sociable with other people.

6. A remedy for insomnia
Health professionals recommend people to have a night of quality sleep for 7-9 hours. Lack of sleep not only affects your concentration and alertness at work or school but also weakens your immune system leading to other health conditions. Green Malay Kratom provides pain relief, eases depression, and anxiety, all of which contribute to insomnia, meaning that its consumption will also improve the quality of your sleep. It will help you fall and stay asleep and wake up the next morning with energy to face life with enthusiasm.

Green Malay Kratom correct dosage
The general rule for Kratom is that no one dosage level is fit for everyone. This is because its effectiveness and potency depend on a person’s body tolerance, weight, age, and chemistry, among other factors. It is, therefore, up to you to explore and figure out the correct dosage for your individual needs. For your peace of mind, here are some key points to consider when taking the dosage of green Malay.

• It’s advisable to take this strain with a full stomach, especially during the morning hours for high potency benefits. Eat something and then take green Malay an hour later. This will help negate side effects like vomiting, nausea, and dizziness

• When using green Malay Kratom for the first time, take the lowest dosage possible and assess the impacts for a few hours. If you don’t get the desired effects, increase the amount successively until you find your ‘sweet spot’

• Taking green Malay in the intervals of 6-7 hours can allow you to focus more on energy level enhancement without limiting the relaxing effects

• Green Malay Kratom can develop tolerance and when this happens, increase the dosage to your next intake level and don’t forget to take within the required amounts

Bottom line

Kratom is excellent for achieving various medicinal and recreational benefits. Some of the most popular green Malay benefits include; pain management, easing depression and anxiety, treating osteoporosis, boosting cognitive functions and physical performance, and fighting insomnia. In other words, this strain is a great substance that can help you with some of the most common life challenges, and most importantly, it’s a healthier alternative to pharmaceuticals as it doesn’t come along with severe side effects. Using a pure and high-quality green Malay at the correct dosage will, without a doubt, transform your life for the better.

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