If you're interested in a natural alternative to help try and control your diabetes, or have a high risk of developing the condition and want to do something to prevent it, the green lipped mussel diabetes remedy could be worth a try. It seems like an unlikely solution to this serious health issue though. But is it really?

To find out, it's necessary to take a deeper look into diabetes and the causes. As we know, diabetes results in elevated blood sugar levels due to the inability of the body's insulin to sufficiently do its work. There are actually two types of diabetes.

The rarer Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease whereby the body's immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. It usually developed early in age, and sufferers must inject insulin on a daily basis.

Type 2 diabetes, which accounts for around 95% of sufferers, is usually developed later in life by people who are obese. The pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin, and cells may also become resistant to what insulin there is in the body. Diet and lifestyle changes are often enough to control this type of diabetes.

Thus, on the face of it, it doesn't look like either type of diabetes has much in common. However, scientists have discovered that the reality is different. The common factor, surprisingly, is inflammation.

It's generally thought that all autoimmune diseases involve chronic inflammation. Normally, the body's immune system reacts when there has been some kind of damage in the body and produces acute inflammation. Chronic inflammation is where it goes into battle where there's nothing to defend against. One example, in the case of Type 1 diabetes, is insulitis, where the beta cells are attacked.

In Type 2 diabetes, the inflammation is a little different. Researchers have discovered a link between the inflammation in the fat of obese people and the development of insulin resistance.

Therefore, it's becoming accepted that treating inflammation can have a big impact on diabetes. Of course, one of the best natural ways to do this is to take Omega-3 supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids have recently been proven by scientists to be very effective at reducing chronic inflammation and insulin resistance.

This is where green lipped mussel diabetes benefits come into play. Green lipped mussel extract is known to be a potent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and even has more powerful anti-inflammatory capabilities than fish oil.

Lean more about the important link between inflammation and diabetes and how Omega 3 fatty acids can help treat diabetes.

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Maya S. Cook is enthusiastic about natural health, and has been taking natural health supplements for many years. She's the founder and editor of Be Well Naturally Guide and writes on a range of natural health and wellness topics.