When the time comes for your next house speed, and your sorority or fraternity is looking for new members, there is no better way to let your Greek pride show than with fraternity clothes. Personalized hoodies, hats, pullovers, sweaters and other clothing with your Greek letters are the best way to show your potential members that you not only support your house, but that you do it in style.

Not only can you and your housemates carry your Greek equipment to your rush parties, but with a range of accessories such as water bottles, keychains, photo frames and more, you can offer your future brothers or sisters a reminder of the rush party and remind them why your house is their best choice when it comes to joining a fraternity or sorority.

Participating in a fraternity or sorority is a big part of college life, and once freshmen go to college, it is usually their desire to visit a number of houses to see which one best suits their academic pursuits, beliefs and core values. There are many different fraternities to choose from, depending on the size of the campus, and each fraternity has a special mark or letters that stand for the name of their house.

Each house has a Greek name that usually consists of three letters, and it is these letters that are most often found on the clothes of their members. Greek clothing has been hugely popular for decades, and every house member is proud to show which house they belong to once they have been accepted. For your next rush, you will want to choose the best of the best, and the freshmen who are in high demand for a number of houses will want to know why they should join your organization.

While quality clothing and fraternity accessories are not the cornerstone of your home, they certainly make it memorable, especially when given as welcome gifts. Sweaters, hoodies and cardigans, all embossed with the letters of your house, make students who are in high demand remember the name of your fraternity or sorority when it's time for them to choose one.

Greek clothing is not just for men - if you want to capture the high-profile freshman to represent the next generation in your sorority, there are also a range of Greek-themed accessories that will catch her eye at your next rush party. Have your members show off custom photo frames, keychains, stickers and magnets, and to the serious academic promise, coffee mugs and desk accessories that let everyone know which house she chooses.

Every party girl knows that style is as important as showing off her Greek pride, and this accessory is the best way to both show pride while creating a style that is unique to her. Whether your house wants to claim the NFL-bound all-star quarterback or the future Nobel Prize winner, custom Greek clothing and accessories are the best way to spot during your next rush. https://mynexthouseproject.com/

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