Greed may initially bring you a certain amount of success, but in the long run it will generally stand in your way. Why is this? Surely in a world where you are encouraged to "look after you own" and claw your way to the top greed should be an asset?

Survival of the fittest is a concept which works within certain parameters. I remember watching a National Geographic documentary about monkeys. They were shown how to access a food source which meant they needed to employ the help of another monkey. Whilst they could learn to do this, these particular monkeys did not seem able to comprehend the next necessary step; as they got to the food they ate it themselves and did not share it with their assistant. Neither did they take the role of assistant in return. The result? That hungry assistant who had previously been so helpful wandered off into a corner and turned his back. No more food.

Success in both business and personal relationships is based on partnership and sharing, give and take. Even in the event that you do achieve success all on your own (or, more likely, in a manner which is blind to others who have helped) you will discover that there is no enjoyment unless you have someone with whom to share the rewards of your success.

What goes around comes around; everyone should have a healthy respect for karmic laws. We are all connected in so many ways which we do not always realize or appreciate. Our thoughts have energy which reaches out into the world around us. Each individual human being is just one tiny element of the world we live in; we are connected to each other in this world. Therefore to act in a way which feeds your own greed, whilst simultaneously taking away from another, will upset the balance of the world. Eventually something will happen which corrects that imbalance. This is simply how the world works.

Everything does indeed come home to roost. Successful leaders do not see themselves as the cause of their success; they recognize their entire team as the joint perpetrators of their shared success. Successful people do not speak in terms of "I", "me" or "mine"; rather they will say, and mean, "us", "we" and "our". They do not merely pay lip service to their co-workers; they fully recognize that success is derived by collaboration where even the tiniest piece of the jigsaw is appreciated and valued.

Successful people know and feel and live in accordance with the laws of karma; they do not have to try to do this. This is how they live their lives and it forms the foundation of their success and happiness. Elements of success achieved in ignorance of "world karma" are very hollow indeed, and leave one living the life of a very lonely monkey.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads to promote shared success and happiness.

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