Focusing on the news happening in Greece, most of them are promising in terms of development against all odds. My key target is Sofia Kouvelaki, because I feel that she has encouraged me challenged me. I just sat back and asked myself, what is the most charitable thing have I done in my life? I already have my answer, what about you? This is top news from Greece, keep reading.

CEO of the Home project Greece receives international ward for helping refugees.

Sofia Kouvelaki is an icon delineating a timeless bond of love and affection to the underprivileged children. Even if you will say that all credit should not go to her, well yes, but she is the CEO of the organization. As much as employees go through hard times under the hands of strict bosses, managing an organization and watching it grow to almost an empire is not easy. Child 10, the organization that recognized the hard work of Sofia and her team, is also a charitable organization working in line to keep refugee children safe. Jacob Flardh, the secretary general child 10, commended Sofia’s leadership skills adding that her leadership is supportive and passionate. Let me tell you something, doing something without being passionate about it, will make you leave a life you never wanted simply because you want to be like someone. Sometimes for you to succeed, you will have to be selfless and put yourself last. Consider helping that person who is in need even if you are not getting paid. Quite that job you feel like you are being pushed to do and engage into something that makes you smile. Because the humanity in human, can surpass the value of all the money in the world. One act of love and compassion will keep you happy for quite some times.

Greece’s tourism revenues up by 13.6% so far in 2019.

Between the month of January and August 2019, the bank of Greece reports that the nation has experience an increase in revenue coming from the tourism sector, by 13.6%. This is a good move noted because the industry has not been performing well since the period of Thomas Cook bankruptcy. Compared to August 2018, in 2019 August digits have been recorded at 579million Euros. The increase in revenue is being linked to the increase in number of visitors to Athens and also the spend thrift visitors from China and U.S who are always willing to spend on almost everything they lay their eyes on. The ministry of tourism should be looking into what they can do to even this number. What techniques they can use not only to attract international tourists, but also domestic tourists. The citizens are always in the country and have been to most places of interest if not all, bringing in new elements will once again motivate citizens to tour the country.

Katherine Kelly Lang in Greece

She is a famous actress from her role in the soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. She is not here for vacation, then what for? Since these are top news from Greece, let me give you a hint of what is going on. She is here for a shoot. A new Greek television series is in the kitchen, you better stay tuned so that you are not left behind. Since you cannot just come for business in Athens and leave without being intoxicated by the beauty of this city, Lang is not an exception. She has taken it to her social media account posting pictures and how she is having a great time in Greece. It is a privilege for a TV station to get to work with legends in the industry, and whichever TV it is, from us it is congratulations.
With Greece expanding and capturing attention from all corners of the business industry, I can see it reach for higher revenues in a short period of time, all thanks to the intelligent citizens of this great nation.

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