Who doesn’t know about William Shakespeare and his legendry works, he has touched almost every area of the literature from comedy to tragedy to poetry to history. His most famous work includes Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare Macbeth essay. There are countless Shakespeare essay topic that you can write on, but making a simple topic look interesting is a bit difficult thing, for this purpose, all you have to do have a thorough knowledge about Shakespeare’s life and his plays for this will help you a lot in deciding a theme and creating a topic on it. So, in order to write Shakespeare essays one has to do a lot of home work and of course a lot of reading.

The biggest pillar of any essay is its topic; no matter how effective your essay on Shakespeare is, if it doesn’t have good title than there is no use of it. You need to be at first really clear about what you want to write, than you have to craft a topic according to the theme of your essay on Shakespeare. If you are still confused in the selection of your William Shakespeare essay topic than you can also consult the following list for further assistance.

Some Great Topics For Writing Shakespeare Essays

1.The Seven Ages of a Man from “As you Like It”.
2.Protagonist in the play,” Julius Ceaser”.
3.How the word, “Man” is portrayed in the play Macbeth.
4.How the writer has defined evil insight in his “Sonnets”.
5.Who wants to be the lord of island in the play, “The Tempest”
6.Mistaken identity in the play,” Twelfth night”
7.Importance of time in the play,” winter’s tale”
8.Role of mythology in the play,” Winter’s tale”
9.Issues of jealousy in the play,” Winter’s tale”
10.Ferdinand’s nature of love for Miranda in the play, “The tempest”
11.The role of noise in the play,” the Tempest”

Hence, if you will gather all the plays of William Shakespeare you will get so confused in deciding on which novel your essay could be based on for there are so many outstanding literary works done by William Shakespeare.

Thus, it is advisable that you go for any one of the Shakespeare essay topic given above and see how much it can make a difference to your essay. Even better, if you will devise your own Shakespeare essay topic by going through the preceding ones will give a totally different touch to your Shakespeare essay so try to be creative and innovative while selecting Shakespeare essay topic and another word of advice here is that you should understand the concept behind the literary work done by Shakespeare in order to write better Shakespeare essays because it will broaden the horizon of your thinking and help you write a better piece of writing. So, be careful in selecting the topic for your Shakespeare essay, also make sure your topic is according to the Shakespeare essay questions.

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