There are thousands of destinations that travellers can choose from when deciding where to go on holiday. One of the most special destinations is Africa. An African safari is a great way to spend a holiday. In Africa guests are sure to be amongst diverse and abundant animals. The continent stretches from it most northern parts in Egypt, the land of the pharaohs, all the way down to Cape Town, South Africa. Visitors to Africa all agree that this is a pleasant and special continent. Perhaps it is because human life began on this continent, or perhaps it is because the stars here shine with same vividness and clarity as they did in ancient times. This article shall briefly describe two destinations in Africa that guests should visit if they want to enjoy a great holiday. These two places are the Okavango delta and the Victoria Falls.

The Okavango River is a unique and phenomenal river in Africa. It is a river that never meets the ocean. Instead the river spills into the desert and creates an unspoilt, lush wildlife haven. This is the largest inland delta on earth. The Okavango delta supports a wide variety of animals, including the Big Five. The Big Five are five of Africa’s most dangerous animals the guests may encounter in the bush. The Big Five consist of the African elephant, the African lion, the black or white rhino, the Cape buffalo and the leopard. The locals tell a story of how the delta was created in response to the cries of the local animals for water. They tell of how the gods felt pity for the suffering animals and sent a flood right into the middle of the Kalahari desert. To these local people the Okavango floods are nothing less than a miracle.

The second destination is the Victoria Falls. This waterfall is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is the largest falling sheet of water of the earth. It is caused by the breadth of the Zambezi river falling down into a giant fissure. This beautiful area is also home to diverse animals including hippos, crocodiles and the Big Five. The local people call the great waterfall “the smoke that thunders”. That’s because from a distant one cannot see the waterfall. The only thing visible is mist as it rises into the air resembling smoke. However, this ‘smoke’ has an unmistakeable sound. It roars and thunders.

In conclusion guests should go on African safari holidays. African safaris take guests to special places such as the Okavango Delta and the Victoria Falls. After a holiday to this continent guests are sure to return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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