Are you trying to watch your weight and are very careful about the foods you eat each day? Do you follow a certain diet because of several health conditions? Even if you have several restrictions in the food item that you include in your diet, you can still enjoy a tasty treat. Eating healthy foods does not always mean loading up on bland and boring food. In fact, you can feast on something truly delectable - without worrying about extra calories. A sweet dessert will still be good to you even if you are not supposed to be eating cakes and other rich pastries.

Healthy banana bread is perfect for those who want something tasty and nutritious for dessert or breakfast. You can enjoy the scrumptious taste of bread, while keeping your mind off the worries of weight gain or having an elevated blood sugar. The secret to healthy bread is the ingredients you use in making it. Simply modify the items that you use in the recipe so you could create the ideal bread for your needs.

If you miss sinking your teeth on a delicious slice of banana bread, you should check out these ideas on how to make the healthy version of this bread. You do not need to compromise your diet with this great dessert that you will love.

Use whole wheat flour or sprouted grain for the batter.

Whole wheat is low in carbohydrates and sugar content, as compared to the ordinary type of flour used in baking. Hence, weight-watchers or those with medical conditions would benefit greatly from this flour. You can also try sprouted grain in making the bread, as this is rich in Lysine and several amino acids. Those who are in a high-protein diet will find sprouted grain an indispensable ingredient in pastries and cakes, particularly for banana bread.

Opt for healthy sweeteners instead of white sugar.

Most people have the notion that banana bread has that sweet taste. In fact, it is true, as you use a good amount of sugar to make the bread. However, you can use an alternative sweetener for the recipe instead of using white sugar. You can purchase artificial sweeteners in the supermarket, such as Splenda and other brands. Diabetic and those who are trying to lose some weight should try this alternative for ordinary sugar. You can still give the bread a sweet and rich taste without worrying about any drastic effect on your health or your weight.

Choose low fat milk or skim milk.

Banana bread recipes include milk in the list of ingredients. Hence, you might consider choosing skim milk or low fat milk instead of full cream. This will still give the bread that creamy taste, without the additional fat content in the milk.

Eating healthy can still mean munching on something delectable and tasty. By modifying the ingredients that you use in the recipe, you can create a wonderful concoction that you will love. These great ideas for healthy banana bread will certainly be helpful for those who love a flavourful and nutritious dessert.

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