Foot massage is a pleasant home therapy that anyone can get or provide for calming and soothing sensation. It is fast and simple to learn. There is no need for you to be a professional masseur for having or providing a massage on feet. Massage for feet is of a lot of help for those who have to perform their duties walking or standing for most of the times, e.g. sales executives, housewives, teachers, etc. Also, old people who often feel debilitated get a lot of rest by foot massage.

To do foot massage is easy and safe. If you apply an inappropriate stroke during your learning process, it won’t lead to much injury to the recipient. However, while you are still learning to give massage, you should apply mildness, whereby any organ will not start aching if something wrong is done by you.

Putting Feet in Temperate Water

Before starting massage on feet, immerse the feet in mildly warm water, to which you may add any sort of essential oil, like sandal, peppermint or lavender. You can also add bath salts. Because of the temperature of water, the feet experience freshness, flow of blood in them speeds up and it affects whole body to become comfortable. The aroma of the oils you have added to the water leads to increased comfort and soothing. Soak feet in mildly warm water for about 10 minutes. After taking them out from the water, dry them entirely and take caution about not to leave any dampness on them.

Oil or Cream

The oil or cream you are going to bring into use for massage should be applied to your hands. It works as a softening item while you apply strokes. While you apply the oil or cream on your hands, your hands become heated. This too is of help, because if your hands are freezing cold, the recipient will feel quirvered when you touch him or her with your hands. Commonly olive oil is made use of for massage. As per your liking, you can even take some other cream or oil, for example coconut oil, almond oil, etc.


The strokes need to be in the upward direction starting from the toes and going to the ankle. When you achieve rhythm you will perform it with increasing smoothness, by first starting with gentle strokes and gradually giving increased pressure. Apply movements on the sole of the foot in the same way. The sole needs to be given circular strokes also. At the time of pressing, offer higher pressure on the ball and heel of the foot. Forthcoming stroke should be of moving the whole foot in circular motion by clasping} the ankle in the other hand. Revolve in clockwise and anticlockwise directions, 5 times each, remembering to apply softness. Next you should offer kneading movement which needs to be rendered by grasping the feet in one hand and pressing the other hand’s fist from its outer side on the sole, similar to kneading flour. Following this, revolve each toe gripping it in your forefinger and thumb applying medium pressure at the endpoint of each toe. This needs to be started from the large toe and proceed towards the pinky toe. Further slide your index finger in the gap between the toes and mildly press for about 5 minutes. Lastly again give the circular movements on the sole.

After the Massage

Wipe out additional cream and wear thick socks or slippers to conserve moisture.

This foot massage is utmost simple and soothing and is a delicate hint to make known that you care. And you can have it also for yourself; it will discard your strain brought about by a hectic day.

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