There are a couple of things you should know when you begin to use daily affirmations to help change your circumstances.

If you use affirmations in a robotic fashion you won't be getting a whole lot out of them. This is because you are not emotionally involved in the affirmations.

If you feel that using daily affirmations is just one more thing to get done during your hectic day, they will be much less effective. This will cause you to believe that affirmations don't work and that would be a shame.

Planting the seeds of gratitude throughout your life and while you state your affirmations will help your affirmations practice grow more quickly and become more bountiful.

Be grateful for what it is you are wanting even though it has not shown up yet. Act as if you have already met the love of your life, received the raise or been healed and this will raise your emotions to the right level of vibration for receiving what it is you do want.

By binding your emotions directly to your affirmations you will see quicker results and become more confident with the process.

Gratitude, as an emotional state, is extremely powerful and is vital when practicing daily affirmations. It opens you to the allowing and receiving of what it is you are trying to manifest.

One of my favorite affirmations that I say daily when I wake up and before I go to sleep is, "Thank you for all the blessings I have and all the blessings I am receiving."

This affirmation has two components. One, it is written in the present tense which is vital when stating your affirmations and two, it puts you into a receiving kind of emotional state.

"Thank You" affirmations are powerful because they invoke a feeling of having already received what you most desire. It is coming from your heart not your mind. You're saying you are ready and willing to receive what you have asked for.

Your expectation of a home, a car, a partner, a new career, healing, etc., puts you in the right vibrational place of being in tune with that which you are desiring. It's easy just place 'Thank you' in front of what it is you are wanting. For example, "Thank you for the perfect partner." "Thank you for the healing." "Thank you for the raise."

Being grateful for everything that you already have will also go a long way towards increasing your positive emotional state which in turn will increase the power of your affirmations practice.

We often forget to be grateful for the many simple things in our lives that we take for granted. I don't remember who said this but it is profound..."If you don't want what you have, you will never have what you want." Simply put, if you are not grateful for what is already in your life how can you expect to attract what it is you are wishing to manifest.

The use of gratitude on a daily basis in your life and in your affirmation practice is essential. So say thank you for those things that are here and for those things that have not yet manifested in your experience and you will find your affirmations practice yielding the results you want more quickly.

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