Be content with such things as ye have. - Hebrews 13:5

Be grateful for what you have now, and more of the same will be attracted to you. Gratitude is a feeling that is worthy of constant practice. Life is easier, happier and more rewarding when you give thanks for all things, good and bad.

Think of the word gratitude as you include the following values in your life and for the coming new year.

G….. is for Gratefulness and appreciation for what you have now, and for what is to come. Make a list of all the things you are thankful for, then do what makes your heart feel good.

R…. is for Reality. What is your truth? Are you living in a
world that emphasizes things that are not true to your beliefs or way of living and doing? Realism comes from self-discovery, self-improvement, and a having a positive self-image. Be truthful in your dealings and interactions with others. Know what is true to you and live it everyday.

A…. is to Accomplish. Make it a point to dream, plan, and take action to accomplish or reach your goals. Learn to complete projects that you start. Even one small success adds greatly to your sense of accomplishment. Be grateful for your skills that help you reach your goals.

T…. is to be Trustworthy. When you can not live up to your word or promise, it reflects on your character in a negative way. Be reliable. Have faith in your own decisions, and others will see you as a caring, giving, strong person.

I…. is to always Improve. Make yourself better. The will to learn and grow is a powerful motivation. Learning can cause results that may seem impossible at first, that eventually become real. Developing new ways to do old things may make your life easier, and more fun.

T…. is for the Truth. Believe it or not, the universe functions on one basic principle, which is to present you with the truth in any situation you find yourself experiencing. Your mind then, has to interpret the situation and act on it with your best belief and fastest thought. What you believe is true for you, may not be true for someone else in the same situation. All is based on your understanding. An honest approach to any situation comes from your strong attachment to the truth as you know it.

U…. is for being Unique. Start looking at your life with a
feeling and purpose that you can accomplish almost anything. Look at yourself with an eye for being distinctive, original, and that your behavior is exceptional. Make a point to seek out ways to treat others, and yourself, as if they are special and unique. Place higher values on how and why you react the way you do with others in your life. Give them the best of yourself and remember the Golden Rule - then, reverse it - “Do unto yourself as you would do Unto others.” You are also important!

D…. is for Daring to dream. Be courageous in your thinking.
Ideas and inventions would never have happened, if they were not first a dream. Learn to determine your own fate by not limiting your thoughts. Then put your dreams into action and pursue your goals. Create a sense of purpose and accomplishment by daring to get things done.

E…. is for Energy. Everything you do, think, or feel is based on the power of energy. Your life is controlled by how much or how little effort you put into any activity. How do you measure the level of your energy? Showing a positive attitude of gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness increases your energy and attracts more good things to you. Especially in this season of sharing and giving, we all may need a little more energy in getting through our economic struggles.

Appreciation for what you have now, and knowing what is real in your life is so important. Plan, take action, and accomplish your dreams and your goals. Be trustworthy and live up to your word or promise. Always improve to make your life better. In any situation, be truthful to yourself and others. Be unique, distinctive, and stand out from the crowd. Then you can dare to dream with an energy that creates your future in a more positive way.

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