Most often when people use gratitude to attract abundance, they focus on a general feeling of gratitude – about anything – because just feeling a sense of gratitude immediately brings them into energetic alignment with increased abundance. This is a very effective way to use the essence of gratitude, but it’s not the only way.

Today we’re going to explore another way that is even more specific to the outcomes and experiences you wish to create in your life.

What exactly do you want to create for yourself regarding abundance?

• Do you want to obtain a higher paying job?

• Are you trying to create more passive avenues of income?

• Do you dream of starting a successful business?

Take a few moments right now to jot down some goals and dreams that detail your ideal abundant future. Even if you have trouble believing that you can really achieve all of these things, write them down anyway.

Now, reorder the items on your list so that the goal you believe will be easiest to achieve is at the top, and the goal that you believe will be the most difficult to achieve is at the bottom.

Once you have your list of goals completed, you are ready to start using the amazing power of gratitude to pave the way to the fulfillment of each and every item on your list.

Doing this is as easy as setting aside time each day to focus on at least one item from your list and feel grateful for it – as if it has already happened.


Let’s say that you want to obtain a higher paying job, and you currently have a job that you do not enjoy, and it pays very little. Some gratitude techniques may suggest that you find one thing to be grateful about regarding your current job, and focusing on that one thing will attract more things to be grateful about.

That approach can work well, but it can also be challenging to stay focused on that one positive thing when you’ve got dozens of “negative” things that keep vying for your attention.

Using a “gratitude in advance” approach involves imagining that you already have your higher-paying dream job, and moving into a state of deep gratitude and appreciation for it right now.

This may sound challenging but it’s very easy if you first quiet your mind, get very relaxed, and then tune into the way you would FEEL if you really did have your dream job already. Most likely, you would feel very fortunate, happy, inspired, stimulated, fulfilled and abundant. You would feel as if you were spending your time on a worthwhile endeavor each day, right? You would look forward to going to work each day, and you would feel good about the contribution you have made as you leave at the end of each work shift.

Best of all, you would feel very happy and abundant on payday, knowing that you would be receiving a nice big paycheck that easily covers all of your expenses and still leaves plenty of money left over for saving, spending and investing.

As you call to mind these details of your goal, simply tune into the essence of them and give thanks for them NOW, as if they were already your reality. Allow strong feelings of gratitude to flow through you and connect you easily with the essence of abundance.

If it helps, you can also verbalize your feelings: “Thank you so much for my wonderful new job! I enjoy my work so much now. I love the people I work with, and the company I work for, and I LOVE earning such a generous salary!”

Yes, you will be “pretending” as you do this exercise, but it does not matter as long as you are feeling a genuine sense of gratitude about your future abundance. The universe will respond to your energetic signal of joyful abundance and return corresponding experiences that match your focus.

Start by applying this technique to the first (and therefore easiest) goal on your list. Spend a few minutes each day feeling grateful for the goal as if it were already achieved. As each goal becomes reality, then cross it off your list and start focusing on the next one in line. (You can still keep expressing gratitude for the goals you have achieved, of course – in fact, you will probably end up doing just that very naturally.)

You can also use this process to achieve mini-goals and outcomes during your normal daily routine. For example, you can give thanks in advance for your meeting having a beneficial outcome for all concerned. You can express gratitude in advance for a safe, easy ride home from work. You can feel grateful in advance for creative inspiration for your work projects.

You can give thanks in advance for healthy, loving relationships, good health, and positive outcomes in any and all situations. Rather than asking the universe, “Please let this turn out okay?” you can simply say, “Thank you for creating such a great outcome for this situation!” And more often than not, the universe will respond exactly the way you are expecting.

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Valerie Dawson has been a therapist and hypnotherapist for over 20 years and is the founder of The Dawson Method. She is the creator of over ten home study audio programs designed to help you to change your life quickly and easily. For a complimentary copy of her audio "The Hidden Secret – How to Program Your Mind to Attract What You Want - Like Magic!" go to today.