What do you think is available to you? What do you think you are worth? What do you think you deserve? We know as creator beings the answers to these questions lie within ourselves. Whatever we desire to create with an honest passion is what will become available to us. What are you receiving in your life right now? Pay careful attention to the words you use as you answer this question. They will give you clues to any imbalances you may be facing.

There are four main steps to prosperity and abundance. Due to popular demand, we are going to begin a four part series this week on Anchoring Abundance. In it, we will discuss 5th dimensional insights to the traditional tenets of the Law of Attraction you may already have been exposed to.

The essence of gratitude comes from our heart center and is the doorway to our soul, which magnetizes to us the things we desire. Gratitude is a funny thing though - many people think they are grateful, but not in the way we are talking about. This is not lip service. This feeling... this is connection to ALL there is has a surreal sense of euphoria. There is a grounded, heightened sense of awareness that expresses itself as pure knowing. The more we move into abundant consciousness, we naturally release any connection with the old ways of being.

When we take steps to manifest, the steps themselves can become burdensome. We often take these steps because we feel we HAVE to manifest. Appreciating what is in our reality is not a checklist of items or situations. Under these conditions, we attract more lack regardless of how well intentioned the actions.

We live in a world of abundance. There is an abundance of water for the fish and an abundance of air for everyone and everything to breathe. There are trees and plant life growing everywhere we turn, yet the forests are not dependent upon mankind. They thrive in nature on their own, with an inherent understanding that the natural abundance of Earth will sustain them.

In order to truly activate gratitude we must find the inherent harmony inside, the place where the heart connects to ALL that is. When love overflows from our core being, everything in its path is affected. It is from this love true gratitude flows. When we feel love in everything around us, a new and clearer gratitude will form from within and spill out into our world. Gratitude for the sake of gratitude will fall away and a sense of sheer joy and happiness will permeate everything around us. When we love ALL, we are in a true place of gratitude.

Wishing you Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations in your week ahead,

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We are Twin Flames, Erica and Dwaine and we have started the Human Harmonics Project which is a movement of people doing their part to change the emotional state of the world from a fear based reality to one of light and love. We have dedicated ourselves to this mission full-time for the past 3 years. Prior to this, Erica worked in varying fields with her Psychology degrees and Dwaine ran a Hypnotherapy Center and College for Hypnotherapy.

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On our websites (http://www.harmonicutopia.com and http://www.innerbalancehypnotherapy.com) we are creating and implementing effective ways people can easily change their emotional state from fear to love to manifest their own Utopian life's Project. All we ARE is LOVE and we are all ONE.

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