Get Rid of the Ladder with the Grappler

Having trouble reaching for objects stored at high places? What, are you considering a ladder? Why, when you have the option of simply extending your arm and reaching for it? Well, we’re not implying that you simply jump off the floor and grab it or stand on your tip toes to reach for the carton of supplies from the top shelf. No, that’s not how you do it. But certainly not with a ladder, considering the danger of falling; and considering the need for someone to hold the ladder, so it doesn’t wobble while you climb; and considering the need for a separate storage space and the need for retrieving it from the attic and putting it back in place. Now of course we are talking about smaller items here, not large boxes or anything larger than about 7” in diameter (we would recommend a ladder or something safer for those).

A Smart Solution
Here’s a smart solution – why not try the extended reach pick-up tools by Grapplers Inc? Almost as sturdy as a rock and light as a walking stick, Grapplers are available in many sizes to perfectly suit your grappling needs. Use it indoors to move misplaced objects without soiling your hands or bending over to pick-up trash off the floor. Suitable and safe to use for people of all ages, you can always consider your Grappler as a helping hand that can extend your arm’s reach.

What the Customers Say about the Grappler
Customer reviews across many e-commerce sites reveal that the Grappler is the strongest of all trash pick-up tools available in the American market. With a solid aluminum body that doesn’t accumulate rust, the Grappler isa tool that is bound to work in harsh weather conditions.Customers who have tried and tested other products confidently state that the few extra dollars theyhave used to buy a Grappler was definitely worth it. Other products that feature rubber cups for a picker or a plastic tend to wear out with usage and physical impact by dropping. And they have admitted to frequent expenses incurred in repairing them and so usually just gave up and threw them away. Some only lasted a week or so.

On the other hand, Grapplers Inc offers a lifetime warranty on all their Grappler versions, regular and industrial grade, which can be obtained in sixdifferent sizes –24”, 33”, 40”, 48”, 72”, and 96”. Some customers use it to maintain rain gutters, tree droppings, side walks and some use it to clean up their yard while riding a mower or ATV. Grappler trash pick-up tools are also preferred for highway or community clean-up programs.

Grapplers Inc is a well-known American manufacturer of extended reach tools, trash pick-up tools, and specialized fishing and hunting equipment, since 1992.

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Grapplers, Inc. is an award-winning company created by Jay and Bonnie Thiessens. The company provides a wide variety of tools to assist both individuals and businesses with everyday living, from specialty hobby accessories to reaching products. Grapplers, Inc. is known for their superior customer service, quality products and helpful, friendly staff.