Grappler Extended Reach Pickup Tool – Your Best Cleaning Assistant
We can wonder how it can be a daily battle to look at the litter or junk and pick it up that has been staying in your yard since ages. There is a greater possibility of fumbling around the trash while picking or cleaning, especially when you are not using any tools to clean. You might even accidentally drop some of the litter that you just collected from the ground and can get really messy if you are just using your hands. All this can be avoided and dealt with an efficient tool that we call the ‘Grappler’.
What is the Grappler?
The Grappler is a very light, extended reach trash pickup tool made out of high quality, rust-free aluminum. The Grappler has a very simple and efficient mechanism. An easy grip handle on one end controls the jaw opening on the other end of the tool. This way, you can reach any place, corner or heights to pick up anything right from where you are.
No more mess up or fumbling around the trash anymore
You can use the grappler extended reach tool to pick up leftover trash, pieces of junk and dirty litter from any place that is out of your reach. Be it collecting empty cans and bottles, waste paper and plastics, dried thorny plants, picking up dead rodents or just grabbing something where your hands can’t reach, all this multitudes of work can be easily and efficiently done by this single extended reach tool, the Grappler.
Safety First
Use of Grappler litter pickup tool maintains utmost personal cleanliness and hygienic conditions when it comes to handling rubbish and waste as this tool helps us to keep a considerable distance from the trash. Also, using a Grappler, one can avoid injuries incurred by trying to reach potentially dangerous places. It’s a great tool for people with back problems as they don’t have to bend or stretch out to pick up any items.
Best of Both Worlds
More to the Grappler extended reach pickup tool, Grappler also manufactures additional trash pickup tools that can help you save a lot of time while dealing with heavy cleaning tasks. You can use the Handler which is another simplistic approach to handle a stack of 5-gallon sized buckets to empty your trash that you have collected using the Grappler trash pickup tool. Or use a Handy Bag Ringer to hold 30 gallon trash bags, keeping it wide open to just drop off the trash you picked up using the Grappler. Now you don’t have to rely on someone to hold the bucket or the trash bag for you. You won’t need any help if you use the Grappler along with the Handler or the Handy Bag Ringer.
Who are using it?
• Householders who are bound to daily cleaning chores
• Organizations carrying out mass-scale cleanup projects
• Waste management companies, garbage truck operators
• Large church groups, Boy Scouts, Adopt a Highway programs, cleanliness volunteering programs
• For clearing debris after a natural calamity
• Disabled people use it to reach out to things
Grappler extended reach tools are available in many sizes, ranging from 24 inches to 96 inches in length, in order to suit everyone’s requirements. Besides, all the Grapplers come with a lifetime warranty, which ensures that you are never separated from your cleaning assistant. Grapplers Inc remains as one of the rare manufacturers selling American-made products, since 1992. Besides cleaning equipment, they also specialize in hunting and fishing equipment.

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Grapplers Inc. offers the best solutions for professionals and volunteers participating in highway cleanup programs and mass scale city/community waste management operations. We provide simple remedies to facilitate convenient and speedy completion of cleaning tasks. We are known manufacturers of extended reach tools and trash pickup tools since 1992, and our products are considered as the strongest trash pickup tools available in the American market today.