The Grappler extended reach tool acts as an extension of your arm to reach out places you never imagined before. It works on a trigger based mechanism where squeezing the trigger helps you grab onto things from wider bottles to something as small as a toothpick. Similarly, releasing the trigger releases the items you’ve just picked. You can also use the Grappler to pick up heavier objects because the Grappler is made from high quality aluminum which is lightweight and durable to withstand heavy-duty tasks.
The Task Master
Just think of a task and be surprised to see yourself doing it with the Grappler. No more climbing up the ladders and no more injuries. You can reach out to all the inaccessible areas with this extended reach tool. You can put your favorite book on the shelf; remove jars of spices from your kitchen cabinets; grab toys that your child left under the bed; retrieve items from the attic; collect metal items lying in your garage; pick up trash from your lawn; lift a dead rodent lying in your yard; pick up dried leaves from your garden; pick up sharp objects, pieces of junk, bottles, cans, straws, dirty litter, waste materials, etc. All of your daily tasks are taken care of by the Grappler.
No More Dirty Hands
The Grappler is widely used as an excellent trash pickup tool. Along with the Grappler, if you use our ‘Handy Bag Ringer’ which is made to hold a 30 gallon trash bag, you can clear the trash then and there. And if you prefer buckets, you can use our ‘Handler’ which can hold 5-gallon-sized buckets to empty the picked up trash right away. Combining the Grappler litter pickup tool with the Handy Bag Ringer or the Handler, you don’t have to worry about health and hygiene anymore.
You can select the Grappler extended reach trash pickup tool for your size and requirements from the five available sizes – 33”, 40”, 48”, 72”, and 96”. Householders, volunteers, retirees, disabled persons, highway programs, cleanup project management companies - in short, everyone in America have trusted us for what we manufacture with a lifetime warranty on it.

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Whenever we think of doing a task, we always expect an extra hand for help. Imagine yourself standing on tall stool or a ladder and you’ve got a heavy object in your hand that you want to put down and there’s no one around. Or it could be something like books or jars that you want to keep or pick up from the top shelf one by one. It is no biggie to carry out such tasks when you have someone around. But what about times when you are alone? It will tire you out. You might risk an injury. You might even break things or damage items accidentally. So how do you get your independence back? Once you own an extended reach pickup tool like the Grappler, you will be your own master.